Sunday, March 4, 2012

Press In

I am reading. It's quiet. I have been awake for a while but finally got out of bed around 5:45. I checked a few blogs and now I am doing devotions. Lysa TerKeurst is one of my favorite Jesus Girls. I am currently reading her book Made to Crave and I LOVE IT.

Anyway, I have been asking God to answer a prayer. I want it to be an immediate confirmation. Others are praying for me and the topic. I pray. I wait (about five seconds). I check the Bible Verse sites for confirmation. I read looking for confirmation. I just don't FEEL like the answer has been given. I don't know if God is saying "yes", "no" or "keep waiting".

Which reminds me of a funny sign I saw. 

Sometimes God says Yes.
Sometimes God says No.
And Sometimes God says You've Got to Be Kidding Me!

Anyway, this is where I am right now in the devotional:

  •  Press in to God when you want to pull away.

When I really want to hear from God but He seems silent, I sometimes find I want to disengage from my normal spiritual activities. Skip church. Put my Bible on my shelf. And let more and more time lapse between prayers.
But the Bible says we will find God if we seek Him with all our heart. Jeremiah 29:13,“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” All my heart includes the parts that are broken. Bring it all to God.
He can handle your honesty and will respond. But we have to position ourselves to go where truth is. Go to church. Listen to praise music. Read verses. Memorize verses. And keep talking to God.

  •  Put yourself in the company of truth.

That friend that speaks truth? Listen to her. Stay connected to her. Let her speak truth into your life even when you’re tired of hearing it. Stand in the shadow of her faith when you feel your own faith is weak. Let her lead you back to God time and time again.

This is exactly what I have been going through. I thought about skipping church today. I have been fighting this cold since Wednesday. Amanda and I have had the stomach bug which for her has gone. Not so much for me yet. I have a big day at work tomorrow. I thought, "I'll just stay home and rest." And rest is good. God wants us to rest. But He doesn't want us to pull away. 
Do you have that friend who speaks Truth in your life? Everyone needs one (or more) if you don't, get one!

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