Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Busy Children Turn into Busy Adults!

I signed Daniel up for little league. This will be his third year. He is a decent player. He shows promise. But in September, he played soccer and his true athletic ability came out. So he played winter soccer and is now signed up for the Spring. Darn! You want your kids to be talented but really TWO sports?!

Last night soccer and baseball practice started. Daniel went to baseball. It sounds intense. These men are serious. Nothing is fun anymore. It's all about the win. He is going to have three practices for the next couple of weeks. Well guess what? That's not going to work for me.

Tonight Amanda had a voice lesson at 5 pm. Daniel had baseball at 6 pm and then cub scouts at 7 pm.

Wednesday is nothing. PRAISE THE LORD.

Thursday is soccer (which is at a new location). I will have to take Daniel and drop him off. Then take Amanda to dance and go back and get Daniel. Then I will come home! I will let my man pick up my girl. I will be hiding in my sleeping bag when they return.

Oh I forgot to tell you why I will be hiding. It's because already I am beginning to have anxiety about driving to a new location. He has to be there at 5:15. It takes about 20 minutes. So I figure I have to leave about 4:30 to give myself enough time to get lost and then recover and find the place. Middle Child Syndrome!

Friday is baseball again. But Daniel will go to AWANA this week. Next Friday he has a Pack Meeting for cub scouts.

I sat in my car  by myself and screamed for a little while. I think that that is a healthy solution for not screaming at a human family member. That could have been disastrous.

I think that when we over schedule ourselves we find out quickly that we don't have time for each other and we definitely don't have time for God.

So what are we going to do?

Well, cub scouts is over at the end of April, along with AWANA.

Voice is over at the end of May.

Dance is over around the beginning of June.

Until then, I guess I will scream a lot in my car, pray a lot and hold my breathe for a couple of months until all of this is over.

And then we are just going to finish out TWO sports. We will NEVER do TWO sports again!

Tonight I will go to bed thanking the Good Lord that He blessed us with only two children.

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  1. I would be screaming as well! I have TRIED to keep it to one during-school and one after-school thing per kid. Until one of them signed up for "The Variety Show" and every Wednesday became another after school thing. I start being happy and relaxed in May when everything is done!