Saturday, February 11, 2012


In a good way. Is that possible? Is that even OK?

So many times I complain about our busy schedule. We have cub scouts and voice lessons. We have Irish Dance and Indoor soccer. We have AWANA and Remnant. We have indoor baseball and youth group. Yes. We have a lot of outside activities. And I complain about them. I complain that there is no time for me. 

Some people go to the gym or Zumba. When would I ever find time for that?!

So I guess by now you are wondering why I didn't call this post "Complaining". Right?

Everything is about perspective. If I look at our busy schedule as a burden then I miss the blessing. I am thankful for how God has gifted my children. They are soooo talented. 

Amanda is now singing Italian. She is good. I mean REALLY good. And Thursday night I watched her dance. Four girls were picked to dance in hard shoes. The rest of the class are in soft shoes. Amanda is one of the girls in hard shoes. Just watching the dance gets me choked up. I sit there and want to seriously BAWL. She is that good. I mean REALLY good. (This talent must come from her father's side, LOL).

Then there is Daniel. Daniel's baseball coach commented on how much he has improved. There is no guarantee that he will make the Travel Team just because he is part of this winter program. But he certainly is doing well so far. However, Daniel started the indoor soccer just after the new year and the coach wants Daniel for the Spring. We have paid our registration fee to do in-house baseball. Daniel had to make a decision because he will not be able to do in-house, Travel baseball and soccer in the Spring. Daniel decided that soccer it is. To do well at one sport is great but to excel at TWO is FANTASTIC. 

God has gifted my children. God has given these children to me. So why do I complain?

I could stop there since the pride is dripping off the page but I will continue. To be talented and "smart" are good things. We encourage our children to do well at school, don't we parents? (Report Cards on Feb. 15th.) We hope for a bright future. But what is even more important is to have a foundation in God. And Amanda and Daniel both do. 

Last night I took Amanda and a girlfriend (who stayed for a sleepover) to Remnant. 

So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace. Romans 11:5

We worshiped and listen to the message for TWO HOURS. At one point I had my eyes closed and my head bowed. I could have fallen asleep. The youth pastor was lulling me to sleep with the sweet sound of The Word. I can't even describe the peaceful feeling I had. But the best part is that Amanda loves it like that too. 

On Friday nights while Amanda is at Remnant, Daniel is at AWANA.

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15

This morning Daniel came down and said he wanted to snuggle. (I love that my nine year old son wants to do that!) I also love when he has a gentle spirit. It's not often. 

He pulled out his AWANA handbook. He reviewed last night's verse and looked up a new one. He said that instead of going to the bowling party for a friend today, he would like to go to the AWANA practice. There is an upcoming event where they compete against other AWANA programs. This will be his first year so I don't really have details regarding this. But just the fact that Daniel (God is my judge) would rather go to a church program instead of going to a bowling party makes my heart smile BIG.  

As we read Matthew 5:6, I said to Daniel, "you are becoming a man of God." He said "yep". Man, I LOVE THIS KID!

He is not perfect. He has a hard heart most of the time. He complains a lot (hmm, maybe he gets something from me). Daniel actually had an incident last week where the Principal was involved. But I see the growth. I see his honest heart. He struggles with obedience. But don't we all? He's nine! Daniel has a heart for the LORD. And he is getting the guidance that he needs to mold him in to that man of God.

Daniel has asked if we could switch churches and go to Eric's church. I told him no. Living HOPE is my home. But I will allow Daniel to go to church with Eric. It's better than him not going at all (which is usually what happens if he complains enough).

OK, I have bragged on my children long enough. They are good kids. But I haven't mentioned that they are good kids because they have a good father. Curtis is involved. Family comes first in his life. And Amanda (worthy of love) and Daniel know this! Curtis may not play a part in their spiritual education but he is involved in helping Daniel build his AWANA car right now. 

Well, I could continue with this out pour of emotion toward my family. I feel blessed beyond measure. But I need to start this Spectular Saturday with some donuts and coffee! Is there any other way to end a sleep-over?


So I got in the shower and as I was on my way out, Curtis called. He had stopped and didn't know if I wanted anything. He said he would be home in two minutes. So as I was getting in the car, he pulled up with a half dozen donuts for the children and me! And all our favorites. How awesome is he?!

Enjoy this spectacular Saturday. I know I will.


  1. What talented kids you have!

    I wanted to encourage you...we have a woman in our church. She is a believer and her husband wasn't. They are in their mid-50's, so this is no young couple, and she's been a believer for years. YEARS. Her husband started coming to church around Christmas. Last Sunday he became a Believer. I have no clue what changed for him and made him more open to God, but praise God, He can make miracles happen.

  2. That's a lot to be proud of mama :)