Monday, February 20, 2012

Favorites by Amanda Grace

Twenty-five things about my girl!

Favorite Food: steak
Favorite Toy:  Ipod touch
Favorite Cartoon:  Tom and Jerry
Favorite Song: Find your wings by Mark Harris
Favorite thing to do: sing
Favorite time of day: the end (after school)
Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Movie: Courageous
Favorite Color: Pink
Coolest person in your world: Kyra O'Connell (best friend)
Absolutely the best thing about being thirteen: PG-13 movies
Favorite Animal: Kittys!!!!
Favorite Flower: Tiger Lilies
Favorite Snack: Ice cream
Favorite Ice-cream: Dark Chocolate
Three words that best describe me: musical, wonderful, beautiful
One food I really dislike: ALL vegetables 
Favorite Book: Heaven is for Real
Favorite Musical Artist:  Britt Nicole
Favorite Musical: Phantom of the Opera
Currently Reading: 1 John
Favorite Bible Verse1 John 4:9
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Vacation: cruise to Alaska
Favorite Comfy Clothes: T-shirt and camp pants

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