Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Your Grace is Enough

I’m convinced  God is watching to see how we handle every responsibility He gives us.  He longs to give all of us more responsibility, but we must prove ourselves faithful with what we have – no matter how little or how much.  I apply this verse to my health, my finances and my home.  I can wish I had more all day long, but if I squander what I have, I’m simply not a good investment.
Having said all that hard stuff, I am SO THANKFUL FOR GRACE.  I’ve fallen short so many times.  At the end of the day, I’m just a dressed-up mess.  Instead of giving me what I deserve, God generously showers me with good things. He forgives my sin and sympathizes with my weaknesses.  And it’s in my weakness that His strength is revealed.  So if you are feeling weak today, please invite God to be your strength.  He is faithful.
Uh, yeah. I needed that this morning after yesterday's events.
This song was played on Sunday morning. I love Chris Tomlin. Really, can you say you don't? This song continued to go through my head on Sunday night as I was having chest pains.

The other song was by MercyMe. The one line is "to be still and know that you're in this place. Please let me stay and rest in your holiness". It just kept playing over and over in my mind. (My 2011 words in bold!)

I had not been feeling well on Sunday but kind of was ignoring it. But around 6:45 pm it felt like someone had stabbed me just above my left breast. The pain went down my left arm and my shoulder blade. I called Mom and she said that I should definitely get to the ER. I called one of my bestest buddies to drive me. 
In the ER, we talked, laughed, she drew pictures, sang hymns and prayed together for THREE hours. Finally at 11:30 pm, I was told I would be admitted for further testing to rule out a blood clot. We bid farewell. It was the most time we have spent together since September. I needed her but I believe she needed me as well. 
I received the results just before 1 am. NO BLOOD CLOT. Then I was off to a lovely room with a view of the ocean. (Ha ha). 

I put ear plugs in and off to La La Land I went for two hours. Yesterday was comprised of much poking and prodding. My final enzyme test was completed in the afternoon and I was released by 4 pm.
What an adventure! But God had prepared the way for me. Pastor Paul gave a wonderful sermon entitled "Are you in a storm?". I thought, no. Then he said, "well you soon will be!" Great. And he was right! 
However, throughout the storm, I was able to hang on to Acts 27, which is where we were on Sunday morning. I truly was at piece. I had dumped all of the cargo, even the wheat, and clung to God, because that's all we have. 
I was surrounded by lovely ladies...my friend, my neighbor (she was my ER nurse) and my cardiac nurse (who got me a Bible and engaged in lovely conversation about God). It turned out that she knows of Pastor Paul and her sister went to church with him when he was the youth pastor. Small world!
Today I am laying low, having tea and 600 mg of ibuprofen. Later, I will work on a piece called "Reflections from Jonah: The Interrupted Life". The timing couldn't be any better, could it?


  1. Oh my! Well I suppose it was time that my family quit hogging the ER, eh? :) Glad it's not a clot, praying you are healed. ♥

  2. So wait....it wasn't a clot. But what was it? Stabbing pain doesn't generally happen for no reason.

  3. Do not ignore your body..I'm glad you are ok sissy!

    @Multiplemom...they ruled it muscular.