Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week One in Review

This was my first week making dinner each night. It was also my first week back to work after being off since December 20th. Let me tell you it was ROUGH. I was refreshed and renewed. And it was so necessary. I think it should be mandatory for everyone to talk off a week whether they can afford it or not.

But I am encouraged. Leaving yesterday, I was asked if I had a lovely day. The weather was perfect and it was Friday at 2:30. Yes, lovely describes my week I said. The office person behind the desk said "you are the only person who ever says that." How sad. I can't change the situation or what's going on. But I can change my attitude. For several months, I have been "one of the crowd". And I don't want to be like that. Just because I live (or work) in this world, doesn't mean I have to be "of" this world.

However, it will take some adjusting. I am human. I get tired and cranky too. So by Wednesday, I was totally exhausted and ready for a melt-down. And I had a headache each day.

But one thing that has changed for the better is that we have sat down as a family to eat. That is something we had only been doing on occasion.  It was really nice.

I think I only went to the grocery store once. I spent $1.00 on spaghetti sauce. Other than that, we have been doing just fine with what I bought.

I did my weekly shopping last night. The total was $77.91 but there was a $10.00 coupon when you spent $50. I think I am hoping to spend about $50 a week but I will take $67.

Tonight I went to Redners to buy a dust pan. For some reason, I cannot find mine. It is somewhere but I just can't find it. Which is really unusual because there are not too many places it could be. Our house is pretty small. had to buy the brush with the dustpan. I don't need a brush and didn't want to pay $4.99 for the set. So I bought vanilla bean and mint chocolate chip ice-cream for $5.58. THEN, went to the dollar store and bought TWO dustpans for $2.12. I should have left Redners empty handed and saved the $5.58 but I really wanted to blog and eat ice-cream on this Saturday night. And listen to Klove.

My teenage daughter is going to the mall soon and my son is at baseball work-outs. So it just seemed fitting to eat ice-cream.

Now, if you remember from the earlier posts, my word is SIMPLIFY and my verse is 1 Peter 5:7. Well, I have been given another verse and several words to marinade in.

On Wednesday (my almost melt-down day) someone asked me about "harden not your heart". She asked if that was a verse. I said yes, but had no idea where to even look to find that. I asked three other people who I thought might know. Each of them said it sounded familiar but didn't know. I told her I would google it and get back to her. Well, let me tell you something. I leave work and that is the last time I think about work! I am totally on to the next thing. Which this week, the next thing has been dinner every night, remember.

So, I came home. I started the oven, baked the mexican lasagna, set out all the other sides and set the table, and ate dinner. Then I cleaned up the kitchen, loaded and started the dish washer, made three lunches (I don't make one for me) and tackled the kitty boxes. Now that there are two cats, I need to scoop every other day. I would love to do it every day but that is really ambitious for me.

I decided to sit down and look at a magazine or maybe read something. On the table was a SEND International mailing. I donated to two of my co-workers who are missionaries. So I received their mailing. The very first article was about "The Potter". I love the analogy of God being the potter and we are the clay. I have a favorite song by Caedmon's Call. It's called Hands of the Potter. So I am to about the second paragraph and the author says that our hearts can become hard like clay. Then there in print is the verse (Hebrews 3:15):

As has just been said:
   “Today, if you hear his voice, 
   do not harden your hearts 
   as you did in the rebellion.

I said "No Way!" Not only did God remind me (because we are people created to forget), He gave me the application for the verse. How cool is my God?

There is an Old Testament verse about hardening your heart as well. It is Psalm 95:8:

Do not harden your hearts as you did
 at Meribah, as you did that day at 
Massah in the wilderness,

OK, I am going to HEAR his voice, which requires me to LISTEN

The article said that when the clay becomes hard, the Potter has to pour water on it.

Water = Living Water (Jesus)

The Potter also has to pound on that clay.

Pounding = trials and afflictions 

So did you pick that word yet?

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