Saturday, January 28, 2012

For Today (or tonight)...

Outside my window… It's dark because it is 8:48 pm. 

I am thinking… that I could be using my time more wisely.
I am thankful…for small boys with small cars. Large boys who like to do "boy stuff". A boss who opens her heart and house to her staff and the mercy the Lord that continues to pour out on my life.
In the kitchen…is a big mess in the crock pot from the nacho cheese that was served at the Derby.
I am wearing…my favorite jammies with ducks on them and my robe.
I am creating…nothing at the moment.
I am going…to have a cup of tea and watch silly t.v. shows with my children.
I am wondering…what tomorrow's sermon will be about.
I am reading…currently nothing. 
I am hoping…for change at work.
I am looking forward to…visiting with my mommy tomorrow. 
I am hearing…the Disney Channel
Around the house…are two children and two cats, and clean laundry to fold (ha ha). 
I am pondering…why people can see the problems but not see that they are part of them
One of my favorite things…my bed! 
A few plans for the rest of the week…I plan on starting a new book and getting Amanda back to Wednesday night youth group. 

Thanks Tina and Jen for this fun idea.


I chose a book before I went to bed last night. It is a book that I have had for about five years. I have started it and put it down. I have started it again and put it down. This time, I will read it!

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