Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Bedroom (Before and After)

You know I have been doing a Clutter Challenge with Glynnis. 

Oh how perspective has saved me from doing and saying so many regrettable things.  You see, our highest calling is to love God and love others.   Yes managing our homes and schedules is important.  Obviously I believe that strongly.  But maintaining a heart of love should always supersede our desire for a clutter-free home.  So when the interruptions come (and they will) … and when someone messes with your plans (and they will) … remember to keep perspective.  Keep first things first.  And  Jesus’ commands always come first.

Well on Wednesday, she gave us some tips and asked us to do some "before" and "after" pictures. Here are mine. (It's time to replace this carpet by the way!)



Tucker likes it too!

And I made a change to my entry way. 

I love the key basket hanging on the wall and the antique table. But the cats started climbing on it. Reilly barely fits on it! But she managed to squeeze on it as much as possible almost knocking over the lamp. It was just a matter of time. So I moved the little table next to the bed. (See above)

It will take some getting use to. I had to remove the key basket because it was colliding with the lamp shade. In the basket's place I put a sign that I bought a couple of years ago (I think). It wasn't recent, I know that much.

I like signs. I have a friend who custom makes them, if you would like to place an order. She made a recent one for me. Can you guess which one?