Monday, December 5, 2011

God and Family Metal

Daniel has had to attend classes on Sunday nights called "God and Family" through the cub scouts. All the other boys are going through the Catholic program. The ones who are not Catholic are doing it too because they don't know enough to make that decision. I was the only one who said no to that. We met with Pastor Matt for an hour for about six weeks. I thought this was going to be so easy, so fun. You know me. Why wouldn't Daniel be the same way? 

It was the worst part of my week. I dreaded it as it approached. By week three, I was about to quit until I found out that quitting wasn't an option. Can you even imagine me quitting something that had to do with God?

At Week Four, I asked Pastor Matt if I could open in prayer. Why we didn't do that each week I don't know! It got a little better. Then the next week was better! Then the next week was great because Daniel had learned the 10 commandments! 

Last night was the last one. We had been building a pizza. The foundation being Christ, then the sauce being people around us. Then the toppings being our family and their strengths. Then the cheese being the 10 commandments. We stopped at Dominos and brought cookies also. When Pastor Matt showed up, his children (ten and twelve year olds) were with him and frozen pizza! Between the six of us, we ate two pizzas and ten cookies (I had two cookies of course!)

I wrote a thank you card and gave him a gift card. I told him that I am one of those people who only listen to Christian music. I LOVE God and everything to do with him. I love Christian books. I love Christian movies. I love Bible studies. I LOVE my church. I love retreats. I love Ladies tea parties. I love anything that has to do with God! 

Matt told me about a comedian who talks about being over saved. It's hilarious and it's me! What prompted this conversation was that I told Matt that I actually told my pastor that instead of a sermon about how to share Jesus with people, could he give one on how to shut my mouth about Jesus. Then Matt quoted Francis Assisi "Preach the Gospel always. Use words if necessary." That was mentioned in service yesterday. Yes, that's me exactly. Use words if NECESSARY. 

For several weeks, I struggled with disappointment. I struggled with the fact that all of the other boys were doing the program at home with their families and then they will meet with the Priest at the end for a Q&A session. Then why did we have to go to classes? Why was my kid singled out? After week four, I boo hoo'd to a friend. Daniel was making me look bad, I told her! It's at that point when I share my frustration and recognize it as sin, that I realize that none of this is by accident. We had the opportunity to be blessed by Pastor Matt and we blessed him. 

The first few sessions were agony. I said I would rather have needles stuck in my eyes. The next few sessions were discussion, conversation and enjoyable. 

Daniel finished strong. And I survived too!

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  1. Awwww! Being a mom is such a hard job, isn't it?!

    Funny how God uses the "dumb" things that we have to do to get a point across, isn't it?!