Friday, April 26, 2013


These pictures are from November 2011 when we first got the kitten. He was our second kitten that fall. Dash lived with us for about six weeks before he died. He was from a shelter and we didn't know he was sick when we got him. Tucker was healthy from the very beginning, eating like a horse.
On Wednesday night around midnight, Tucker started vomiting. The vomiting continued until this morning. We had him at the vet on Thursday and he was sent home with a laxative. After four doses, Tucker still had not gone in the little box. He was lethargic, not eating, barely drinking and like I said, still throwing up. We took him back to the vet today and the doctor said to take him right to the emergency room. We stayed for over an hour and then I took Amanda to Starbuck's. The doctor called around 4 pm to say that he had a serious obstruction of the bowel.
Tonight we said good-bye to our "big" kitten who lived with us for just 15 months but will forever live in our hearts.


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  1. Sorry about the kitty, how sad. I'm not a cat person but I totally understand watching your kids go through the grief of it. A is totally attached to her cranky old kitty. ♥