Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sundays are Special

Today I went to Sunday School, which I love. It's called Bringing Up Boys. Then I went to the Service, entitled Whatever It Takes. Amanda and Daniel sat with their friends, Veronica and Garcia, and their parents. I sat with my girlfriend. It was lovely. I didn't have to reprimand Daniel once. LOL.

It's a long morning. We are there from 9 am to 12 noon. I could stay there all day. But I understand why the children get so wiggly. Pastor Paul likes to talk. Sometimes I just can't relate to the sermon. I struggle with that. I am thinking about something else. That's sin, not focusing on the message. But then he will say one sentence that hits me and I know that that is the reason I was there. That's exactly what I needed to hear.

Pastor Paul asked the congregation to share. The topic was "What is God doing among those around you through your ministry?" My girlfriend asked if I was going to share. I know if I am meant to talk because my heart starts pounding like it is going to come out of my chest. That was not the case. I listened to a lot of people share and then I wrote some ideas down in my journal.

  • Ladies Bible Study
  • Amanda's Social Studies Teacher
  • The Wee Care children
  • The Wee Care Ladies
  • My physical therapist
  • My husband
  • The Cub Scout parents
  • Pastor Matt
  • Women in general who have marriage struggles

I could have shared a hundred things that God is doing in my life. He is so amazing. I just didn't even know where to start. 

After we left LIVING HOPE, we stopped at Wendy's to grab lunch and then we were off to do a community service day with the cub scouts. Daniel and I collected donations in our neighborhood for two hours. When we got home, the house was filled with a lovely smell. My Love had already started dinner and it was only 3:30. We had salad and steamed crayfish for our appetizer. I don't care for them but that's ok because I don't think I would have gotten any if I did. The T-Bone steak is on the grill now. 

We have God and Family tonight at 5:30. That is one-on-one instruction for Daniel's religious metal. I asked how we could make this more enjoyable (so far it's the worst part of my week). He suggested that Amanda go with us. I think that is a great idea. Tonight we will be talking about The Prodigal Son.

I love Sundays. I have to choose to love all parts of my life, even the unpleasing parts. Loving life is a choice. (Thanks for that reminder Laura)


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays. It's such a struggle to get out the door and we have to get there extra early to have worship practice. I don't get to worship usually because I'm so focused on playing and singing.

    Our pastor is a very good preacher and I'm usually glued to his message (although sure, my mind wanders sometimes!). And I LOVE seeing my church family. I forget, what denomination are you?

  2. Yes it is...thankful to have the choice! Sounds like a busy Sunday that ended well!

    If we could just keep our focus on Him, life would be so easy. I love you and your heart my friend!