Friday, November 4, 2011

The Boy has Nine Lives

Have you heard this song? I'm With You. It is our new favorite. Amanda and I have listened to it several days this week. It is a song written about Ruth and Naomi. Naomi lost her husband and both of her sons. Ruth is her daughter-in-law. Ruth decided to stay with Naomi instead of returning home. Because of that act of obedience, Ruth became part of the blood line that lead to Jesus.

Daniel is getting his religious medal through cub scouts. We are doing a program on Sunday nights with a pastor of a local church. Last week was Daniel's first night. The topic was family. The story was Ruth and Naomi!

God is neat like that, isn't He!?

As I listen to this song, God has comforted my heart that was so broken last night. This week, Daniel has been very disrespectful and disobedient. Everything is an argument, or a complaint. Curtis and I have both lost our patience and done and said things that we are not proud of. He seriously is rocking our world. His attitude sets the tone for the entire house. And everyone suffers.

I have had an excellent work week. It seems like a shame to even take a paycheck for the work (if you want to call it that) I have done this week. I was on a happy-high last night, decorating for fall and listening to music. Daniel took a little fit because he couldn't go to a friends house. The family was eating dinner and he was invited over after dinner. But that was not good enough. I told him to watch Sponge Bob and eat Halloween candy (yes, I did), but that wasn't good enough either (can you believe it!?). We argued back and forth and then it was time to go.

Daniel has made the Select Soccer Team. He had his Bakugans in one hand and his soccer ball in the other. As I pulled up across the street from Eric's house, Daniel swung open the car door. The ball went flying out. And so did he. That's when I saw the headlights. I screamed. The car stopped in time and Daniel got the ball and crossed the street like nothing happened.

I was screaming. I took his toys and soccer ball. I went in to the house and unleashed my frustrations on my friend's husband, who was sitting in the dark because they lost power last night (like he needed my emotions added to their issues, LOL).

I drove home and sat in the drive-way for ten minutes and cried my heart out to God. What would I do without Daniel? What would I do without Amanda? What would I do without Curtis? Everything means nothing to me God if I can't have my family. How could I live? I felt faithless. I know that our loved ones are just borrowed. They are not ours. They are God's. I felt selfish.Which made me cry harder. (You should have seen my face. Horribibble!)

We waste so much time being mad at each other. Why? In a minute we could be gone. Or they could be gone. A vapor. A memory. Gone forever.

I talked to Amanda and Daniel at bed time. We talked about obedience and why it is so important to just do as you are told. Learning to obey Mom and Dad is a commandment with a promise. Obeying us is teaching the children how to obey God. We are not just being meanies. When we say, go take a shower that means go take a shower...not when you feel like it! My house rule is "quickly, quietly and with a happy heart".

Today is a new day. Thank you Jesus for one more day! God has given us a promise that we will see each other again in eternity. I am thankful for that! I hang on to God's Words, Proverbs 3:5-6 and Jeremiah 29:11. And I really listen to the words of today's song.

Life is short but the best is yet to come!

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  1. We have Catie going through the EXACT same thing....and oh, does she make me burn sometimes!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the "quickly, quietly and with a happy heart". I am so going to use that one (on them and myself!).