Saturday, October 1, 2011

Honor Begins At Home

We went to see Courageous tonight. WE meaning, Amanda, Daniel, me and my mom. It was AWESOME! Mom had two free tickets that she gave to me and Amanda. Then she bought a senior and a child for her and Daniel. That cost $16.50. The large popcorn that the three of them shared was $8.

Then we had dinner at Sonic, which was my first time. Not impressed. I found the menu to be limited and extremely unhealthy. I had a chicken sandwich which was two chicken fingers on a roll with lettuce, tomato and mayo...and some of Mom's onion rings. The cost was $24.88, for the four of us. Mom paid again. Did I mention she paid for the popcorn?

Before we left her house, in "Dad Style" she slipped all three of us money, $30 total. The evening cost me nothing. It cost Mom about $80 roughly, that's off the top of my head. I don't have a calculator close.

I would have spent the $80 no problem because going to the movies with my Mom was priceless. The last time she was at the theaters was with my Dad and the hot movie was "Driving Miss Daisy", 1989. LOL.

We all loved the movie. It was funny. It was sad. It was funny. It was sad. I was a blubbering mess the entire time. (Ha, nothing new there!) It truly was a tear-jerker so take a box of tissues when you go. YES, you need to go!


  1. My friend Heather said the same exact thing about taking a box of tissues to the movie, lol. We're hoping to see it next weekend.

  2. Oh...sounds like you and I would have been great at this movie together ...all tears;-) We hope to go see it tomorrow, Lord willing! My big kids are so excited about are Arthur and I. I enjoyed hearing about your outing, and by the way I don’t like Sonic one bit! Nope give me a PBJ before!

    Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow, love to you friend!