Friday, September 2, 2011

The Story Of Dash

For several months, Amanda would look on adoption sites for a kitten. We thought we would adopt from Bingos Foundation. But we found another shelter called CATS Bridge to Rescue.

We chose TWO tuxedo kittens that were named Tuxie and Pepsi Baby. But when Amanda and I actually visited the rescue, we didn't remember what the ones we chose looked like. So we selected two other tuxedo kittens.

Then we went to Canada for five days. When we returned, I had all kinds of reservations as to why we shouldn't adopt. I had a horrible feeling that the kittens and Reilly would just not adjust. I googled introducing adult cats to kittens. Nothing positive was found. I thought about the kittens getting Reilly sick or Reilly getting the kittens sick. Oh, I was feeling sick.

But Sandy from CATS Bridge was so kind and understanding. She was very reassuring that things would work out. I spoke to the children and I said we could pick ONE kitten and we prayed it would work out.

When we arrived on July 18th, the two kittens that Amanda and I chose looked not so good. We saw another cage with three tuxedo kittens. Daniel wanted the smallest one. I said we should get the medium one. So he agreed.

Happy Early Birthday, Daniel! Daniel decided to call the kitten Baby until he thought of another name. By the end of the night, he was named Dash (because we were watching The Incredibles).

Dash was so affectionate. He just wanted to lean against you. He loved his pillow pet and would do a silly little dance on it before settling in.

Reilly was not too fond of her little brother. She would sniff him and hiss. Then it moved on to just sniffing him and walking away. Once in a while, they would smack each other. Yes, Dash would smack her back.

But he was so little, just two and a quarter pounds. Dash would get very excited when I opened his Fancy Feast but then he would only eat a few bites. It was taking him 24 hours to eat an entire can.

One day, I decided to check out the CATS Bridge website and there he was! It was Tuxie. We did adopt the cat that I originally chose. We were meant to have this little guy.

Over the last six weeks, we have built a relationship with Sandy and Margaret. We have met Marlene, Judy, Shirley, and Lynn. We have fallen in love with these ladies and their big hearts for cats. I told Amanda that if our kitten was healthy, we would have just gone there, gotten shots and left. But because he as sick, we are now volunteering.

Can you believe it? ME, volunteering at an animal shelter.

We have volunteered twice. We have chosen Friday nights as our regular night. We love it there!

On Tuesday (August 30), Curtis and I made the decision that Dash needed to go back to the shelter. He had several issues. He was not eating. He was having diarrhea. He was not gaining weight. He was defecating outside of the litter box. Something was wrong with our kitten. I was so sad. I called Sandy and Margaret and cried on their shoulders. After school, Amanda and I took Dash back to CATS Bridge. It was so sad to leave him there. But we promised him that we would be back on Friday to see him.

He would open his mouth and nothing would come out. "You didn't say anything", we would tell him.

Today we went to volunteer. The two ladies that were there didn't know where he was. They thought maybe Margaret took him home. We stayed and cleaned out food cans to recycle. We swept the floor. We scooped the poop (wait a minute, "we" ha ha). I scooped the poop. I washed the dishes. The children played with the kittens and cats.

When I got home, I called Sandy to let her know what we had done. She said she didn't know anything about Dash but she would call me back. When she called me back she told me that Dash passed away last night. I was so shocked. We were all crushed. Amanda told Daniel and the two of them hugged and cried in the other room. I was so sad for them, for Daniel since this was his birthday present.

We know that God is sovereign. We do not question why things happen the way they did. We accept that a door has been opened and we are blessed by our new favorite place to spend free time. Dash had a home for six weeks. He was loved to death by anyone who met him. He has a special place in our hearts, that silly little kitten.

We will get another kitten. CATS Bridge is a wonderful organization. They will replace him. They want everyone to be happy. We are happy to know that we will give another little kitten a new home in the next couple of months.

And that's the story of Dash. Short but sweet.