Friday, September 9, 2011

Our Routine


I wake at 5 am or whenever my love decides to wake me.

I shower and get dressed.

I have quiet time which either consists of a Bible study, reading the Bible or prayer.

I wake Amanda at 6 and she comes down.

I check emails and listen to music for 15 minutes while Amanda is snoozing on the couch. I cut facebook out because it was too time consuming. (However, I will post this on FB for anyone who doesn't read this. They might be wondering where I am. LOL)

At 6:15, Amanda takes her medicine, gets dressed and we listen to a Keys for Kids devotion.

When she is finished she gets breakfast and we listen to music.

At 7 am I wake Daniel.

For the next half hour it is pretty laid back. Daniel is sleepy and grumpy. He eats breakfast at "morning care". I eat around 7 and put things in the car. Amanda brushes her teeth, hair and applies mascara (yes, she is thirteen!).

If she is walking, she leaves at 7:15. If I drive her, we leave about 7:25. Then I arrive at work around 7:40.

So far, this has worked for us.


Homework has to come first. I have been looking in back packs, signing agenda books, looking on the Home Access system. I am trying to keep up. I also am EXHAUSTED. I have been in the Good Grape room. These children would normally be Patient Plums, my first classroom. But things have been shifted and changed. Also, the room that the "Good Grapes" are in is the Apple room or three year old room. I was so confused the first day. It took me a while to realize these children were only two and not three. LOL. I have been with them all week. I am falling in love. We have ten boys and two girls. I feel pretty old crawling around the floor. My back was killing me every night when I went to bed.

May God bless all of the ladies who have chosen to have a child in their forties! I have SIX and the co-teacher has six! (She is a grandmother). Doesn't there just seem to be something not right with those daycare laws?!

Anyway, being back to work is great. I love it. I have missed it. But I am pooped by 8 pm. I try to give my children that last little ounce of energy at bed time. It doesn't always happen.

They have to be upstairs by 8:30. Lights out by 9 pm.

I make dinner. I make lunches. I do laundry. Whatever needs to be done. Last night we started a scrabble game. Then we started watching a 9/11 program and telling our children what that was. I was in tears. They went to bed very confused with lots of questions. They will see and hear much more about that tragic day this weekend.

I try to get to bed by 9. But 10 pm is my latest!

So there you have it. Not too structured is it? Am I a type A or a type B personality?

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