Thursday, September 15, 2011

The ABC's of Friendship

From the book "A Woman's Secret to a Balanced Life" by Lysa TeuKeurst.

Accept Each Other
Believe in Each Other
Cry with Each Other
Defend Each Other
Exemplify Jesus in Relating to Each Other
Forgive Each Other
Get Together with Each Other
Hold Each Other Up
Inspire Each Other
Journey Through Life Together
Know the Details of Each Other's Everyday Life
Laugh with Each Other
Make Each Other Stronger
Notice Each Other's Needs
Open Up to Each Other
Point Each Other to Christ
Quiet Each Other's Restless Heart
Respect Each Other's Differences
Spur Each Other On to Godliness
Team Up with Each Other
Understand Each Other
Value Each Other
Withstand Trials Together
XYZ...eXamine Your Zest

I love the word "zest," which means "to add spice to." That's exactly what our friendships do. They enhance our lives and bring out a unique flavor. They also help preserve us and the godly heritage we're committed to. They add zip and zing during times of rejoicing, and they cry salty tears during times of sorrow. Just as a good pot of stew becomes great when the right spices are added, so are our lives made better with friends.

Happy Birthday, to my friend, Lisa. It seems like yesterday we were having mini chocolate donuts shaped like a 20 and skim milk in the Art House. Wow, where did 24 years go?

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