Monday, August 1, 2011

Seven Cascades

I have finally finished another book. That is three this summer. A Woman's Secret to a Balanced Life by Lysa TerKeurst and Sharon Jaynes is a book that I highly recommend. It is about finding God's refreshing priorities for you. I LOVED IT. I hate to finish books. I long for them to continue because I feel like I am ending a relationship with the author. Ok, that sounds weird to you. But that's really how I feel.

I don't read fiction. I read books that would be classified as "self-help" books. All of my books are these kinds of books. Yes, look out. I am a true cracked pot who needs lots of help. I am broken but I hope that Jesus is shining through. I like to read books that are going to change me and help me grow in to that person who is more and more like Jesus each day.

Below are the seven principles I have learned. The authors described the principles as waterfalls, starting at the top. Each pours in to the next. You have to start at the top. You have to have your priorities straight.

I am excited to start a new book that was given to me today. It is written by Mary Beth Chapman, called Choosing to See. She is Steven Curtis Chapman's wife. He is one of my favorites! (Click here now.)

Click here if you don't know who that is and here to listen to his music.

Anyway, here they are:

Principle #1: Revere Jesus Christ as Lord

Principle #2: Love, Honor and Respect Your Husband

Principle #3: Nurture Your Children

Principle #4: Create a Loving Environment for Family and Friends

Principle #5: Faithfully Oversee Time and Money

Principle #6 Mentor Others, Develop Godly Friendships

Principle #7: Extend Yourself to Meet Community Needs

Once I get through all of my books, I might just have to look in to getting a Nook. Do you read?

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