Saturday, August 27, 2011

School Supplies

This is a combined list for Amanda and Daniel

TI-34 $18.94
Post-It Notes - $6
Mechanical Pencils - $1.50
Pink Pearl Erasers (2) - $3.38
Erase Chisel (what is this?!) $3.00
Crayons - $.89
Dividers - $5.79
Theme Book - $1.50
Locker Shelf - $3.00
Ruler - $3.29
Portfolio (folder) 4 - $4.36
Pencil Sharpen 2 - $2.98


What isn't included on this recipe is the filer paper that I need to return because I got wide ruled not college ruled. Also, I bought a 5-subject notebook and 4 two-inch binders. Where is that receipt? And pens? I have to look for another receipt, which most likely I threw out because that is what I do. I throw things out.

I still have to get one binder for Daniel as well.

And this is another reason why we only have two children.

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  1. I'd say not too bad! I spent that much on Kayla alone!! Plus she got a new backpack that better last for the next two or more years!!