Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School Already?

I can't believe how fast the summer went. It was the best summer of our life!

Today is the first day of school. It is a day where some mommies celebrate. I think I did when they were little but now that I see how fast the years are going by, I am sad for this day.

I started a scrapbook nine years ago. It is the only one I keep up with. It's first day of school pictures, class photos, some field day photos and some last day of school photos. I have the children stand in the same place each year. One at the end of the drive-way. One by the front door. One at the kitchen table. And of course, one together. I love this scrapbook!

Every year there was a ton of kids walking and several parents. I have a photo of the back of the group. Today one of those mommies will not be with us because she is no longer an elementary school mom. She is strictly middle school now. I started to cry this morning when I was telling my love.

(He is home by the way).

My morning started at 5am with kitty poo in my bed. That's better than an alarm. The smell had me up and doing laundry in 3 seconds flat. Then I took my man to the train station because his truck is getting an oil change today. When I return home at 6:20 to wake the children, the phone is ringing. There is no getting in to Trenton today. I think getting in to NJ in general is a mess. So I turned around (after I took my cell off vibrate. He called six times with no luck) and picked him up. We got back at 6:45. My friend and I took photos and sent the five middle school children off.

As I am in the shower reflecting on my morning, I thought "wow, I got a lot done. I washed the sheet and quilt. Thank you, Dash. I made three lunches. I took photos. I cleaned the kitty litter. I drove to and from the train station TWICE. And I ate so I could talk my medicine. (I am having some undiagnosed pain until the urine and blood sample come back).

Unfortunately, the most important think didn't happen this morning. I did not start my day with quiet time and prayer. I have not even opened my Bible yet.

But I did check facebook. Joyce Meyer's words of wisdom for today are:

One of the greatest blessings in the world is to be able to be happy even when things in life are not going the way we planned.

I think I am pretty happy today considering the events before 7 am.

Anyway, I am going to take Daniel to school at 9 and then have coffee with my two girlfriends. Once we are all talked out (not possible, lol), I am going to have lunch with the best Mom in the entire world.

I start back to work next Tuesday. One chapter is constantly closing while another is always opening. Melancholy is the only word to describe it.


  1. Your daughter looks so grown up!

  2. Oy, that kitty would be finding a new home if it were me, lol. Glad you got so much done! I'm not good at quiet time in the morning. I'm a night person for sure.