Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A God Story

So I have to have a renal bladder pelvic ultrasound because my samples showed nothing. I am on medication which seems to be doing nothing (but I have only taken four pills.) Anyway...

I decide to just go get it done instead of waiting and putting things off like I usually do.

I am on my way and I am thinking, "now that I know how easy it is to have an x-ray, this should be a breeze". Then I hear that voice, "Girl, it's an ultrasound not an x-ray. Duh!"

I pull over to call my doctor's office...which I know that no one is there because it is 1:00 and they are probably having lunch.

As soon as I park in the shopping center, a woman gets out of her car and approaches me. She is speaking in a Dutch/Sweden or something that sounds similar accent. She is looking for I-95.

I start pointing and telling her how to go. She isn't far at all. She is trying to get it all straight. She is very flustered. Then I said, "I'll just take you there. Follow me."

So we go out Flower's Mill, turn left on to Maple, then a right back on to Flower's Mill. Then right on to Lincoln Hwy and there it is. The big sign saying I-95 Philadelphia. She says thank you and waves and I pull in the McDonald's to call the doctor's office...which no one is there because now it is 1:15.

I call my love who gives me the number of the hospital. The receptionist tells me that I need to make an appointment. I leave a message and come home.

Twenty minutes I was gone. But God had a plan that I didn't know about. It was a plan that could have aggravated me. Some would see it as wasted time.

But I just made someone's day with what would be "a great inconvenience" in someone else's day.

Soooo, the next time something doesn't go your way, think about how that situation can and will bless someone else.

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