Wednesday, July 13, 2011

They Lost

Daniel played in a little league tournament over the weekend. His team played well and won the first three. They all received a t-shirt. Last night was Game 4 (semi-finals). Thursday night would have been the play-offs. We were stressing about what to do as we are leaving tomorrow morning for Ontario. We considered bagging a day and going up Friday morning. But unfortunately they lost last night. It was a good game but all of the eight year olds were crying. It's so hard to watch. Daniel just couldn't even talk after the game. This morning I had the following conversation with him while he played Legos. I just thought I'd share:

me: Hey baseball player. You glad it's over?
D: It's not over. There's another tournament. I'm going to miss it.
me: If you could play in it, would you want to?
D: yes!
me: You like baseball?
D: Looove it!
me: What's your favorite position?
D: Catcher

By the way, he slept in his jersey and "slidder" shorts.

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