Saturday, July 23, 2011

Part 6 of our Seattle/Alaskan Cruise Vacation

I have never beat My Love at scrabble. I come up with three and four letter words. Every once in a while, I pull out a five letter word. He always has an outstanding word like "outrage" or "dozen".

Airplane photos.

This was a cool little jewelry store where we all got jade pendants.

It took Amanda a long time because she wanted a cat pendant. She settled for a butterfly.

This market is known for throwing fish around. Not sure what that meant but it has been featured on The Food Network I have been told.

Oh, yes. The open market is called Pike Place

My Love at at a place called Bleachers. He had a grilled crab sandwich. This place makes their own cheeses.

Breakfast was fantastic.

The children are always happy as long as they can have bacon.

How about this for dinner? It was advertised as "Dinner for Two" but it actually served four of us.

This was taken right out side of The Fisherman's Restaurant.

Amanda and I outside of The Space Needle.

This is the "oooh-aaahh" view of Seattle. Unfortunately we were not impressed because we had seen the snow covered mountains up close. Had we visited the Needle first, then it would have been a different experience.

Amanda and Mom Mom outside of the Space Needle.

This is the street we walked down to get to the water and Pike Place Market.

The Market sign in the distance.

This body of water is called Puget Sound. I have never heard of that before.

Mom waiting in line to get in to the world class deli "Michou

Then we ate by the water. I had a salad. Mom got a sandwich. The children got pizza but it wasn't like pizza that they get at home so they didn't eat it.

More airport photos. We had a lay-over in Atlanta each time.

Outside the Warwick Hotel.

Yes, fish in the water, again. (Actually the hot tub).

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