Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Newest Addition

Introducing Dash:

Daniel received his "early" birthday present on Monday, July 18th.

Daniel and Dash doing the math packet.

This is a good view of his tuxedo body.

Dash has white gloves on the front paws and white knee socks on the back ones. He has white on his chin only. His belly is all white too. He is a tuxedo kitten, just about ten weeks old.

The Queen is less than thrilled. Today was the first day that Dash got close to Reilly. He was brave three times and actually put his little nose on her nose. She hissed. She is not fond of her little brother. But she may grow to tolerate him. Hmm, sounds like another brother and sister I know sometimes.

I forgot to mention that Dash was from a shelter. We rescued him. Amanda and I went last week and chose TWO. Then Monday morning I was having anxiety. So I talked the children in to only getting one. When we went to visit them, they looked so little and pathetic. Their eyes looked funny also. So I talked Daniel in to the medium sized kitten. We took Reilly to get a booster. She was so good but freaking (your could tell because she was so calm). She probably thought we were going to leave her there if she acted up.

About twenty big cats were walking around. There were so many in cages. It was just a sad place to be. This little guy is so grateful that we decided to get him.
No kitten is free, even when they are free. Reilly was given to us but we had to pay for the shots, vet, spaying, and front declawing. This fee for Dash included the shots and a $30 fee for neutering him.

Nothing is free...except the free gift of salvation through Jesus, of course.

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  1. Very, very cute. I would love to own a kitten. Someday!