Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alaskan Cruise Part 4

Daniel's Fish(es)
Ketchikan, Alaska
July 3, 2011

Daniel caught the little "Pink" salmon. Then my love caught the one under that which was a "Chum" salmon. Then Daniel had to out do him with this "King" salmon. Salmon goes for $17 a pound in Seattle. This one was about 25 pounds. We had it shipped home. It only cost just over $100. We took two packages of it to Canada with us. Let me tell you, it is like nothing that I have ever had!

The other two fish were caught by the other two fisherwomen.

Mom, Amanda and I went on a different excursion where again we did not have a digital camera. (Mom received one from my brother last week as a gift). We had a wonderful time. It was long. Mom and I took naps, LOL.

Click here to see a quick video. We saw seals. It was so cool!

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  1. YOu know you want to have a cookout and invite us! Those fish are AMAZING!!