Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bay of Quinte, Ontario Canada

Vacation #2

July 14-17, 2011

This is the fish that was caught earlier. It was cooked in a coffee can filled with Crisco, set right on the little smokey Joe.

We brought steaks!

Daniel jumped in on this picture. (Isn't he cute?!)

All I basically did for 3 days was read and relax. It was awesome.

Amanda and Daniel in front of the water.

Daniel on the boat dock.

Daniel and I snuggling on the boat.

Me on the boat (not fishing, just taking pictures).

Amanda and Daniel enjoying the fresh air when we are boating.

The view outside our "cabin".

The children had the back room.

This is a location that my love stops at every time he makes this trip.

Me roasting a marshmallow for s'mores, of course.

The bridge we cross to get in to Canada

Amanda eating fresh Walleye caught just hours earlier.

Daniel acting like the fish he is. (He doesn't eat fish. Fish don't eat fish).

Amanda on the boat looking pretty. (She did fish).

Daniel fishing for fish.

Our room.

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