Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alaskan Cruise Part 5

If Mom had not come along, I would have spent this vacation by myself. My love and Daniel spent a lot of time together. Daniel also met several boys that he either swam with or played games with in the game room. Amanda was off with the Circle C camp. I didn't see my love very often. Mom and him met for coffee (not planned) each morning at the wee hours of the dawn.

This is my water logged FishBoy, formerly known as Daniel. One day we banned him from the pool because his face was very red and swollen. It was part from the salt water and part from the goggles, I believe. (I love this face!)

We cruised Tracy Arm Fjord and got our first view of glaciers. It was so cool.

Amanda and Daniel in the hot tub but then a "hairy old guy" got in so they exited. LOL.

One of my favorites. Feet in the air with the "No Diving" sign in the background. Where was his mother? Oh, yeah, taking the picture. Classic.

Mom on deck at Tracy Arm Fjord.

My morning quiet time was slim but I did a little reading. What a view!

This was our first morning. We were amazed by the breath-taking scenery of the snow covered mountains. God is so amazing. He could have made the world in black and white as plan as could be. But instead He is a good of variety. I am so thankful for my amazing artist creator.

Formal Night with my children.

Mom Mom and Daniel at breakfast.

Me and Amanda at dinner.

Daniel just came over and hugged me. My love captured this special moment.

Before the cruise set sale, Mom and I took some pictures on the top deck.

Far in the distance is the Space Needle.

O'Dane and Antonio were the best servers I've ever had.

Each night after dinner, my three family members would make a quick exit before dessert. Mom and I would ask O'Dane and Antonio to have coffee with us. Each night they would laugh. On the last night, they sat down long enough for this photo.

Mom played bingo the last day trying to win the $1000 in cash. No such luck.

Mom and I spent the last day at sea whale watching. We saw lots of little blow hole puffs. I asked Curtis if that counted as "whale sightings". He said yes. Then we saw a killer whale smacking his tale on the water. It was so exciting. THEN we saw a humpback. I squealed like a child and caught it on film. It was truly the highlight of my last day at sea.

In the distance is a humpback whale "breaching" (a leap of a whale from the water.) I as able to zoom and got this view. It's not bad.

Our last day at sea, on our way back to Seattle, it was beautiful. It was chilly but sunny. Daniel got sun-burned on his shoulders. I think most of the passengers on deck did!

Mom and I didn't like what the main dining room served for dessert. So we went on to the Lido deck and were overwhelmed by choices. This is what we finally decided on.

Each day our cabin steward made a new towel animal. In Mom's cabin however, there was an entire zoo. I called in Noah's Ark.

Mom and I playing Battleship. It was so much fun that I bought it when we got home.

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