Sunday, June 26, 2011

Making Good Choices

Psalm 14:2 "The Lord looks down from heaven on the entire human race; he looks to see if anyone is truly wise,if anyone seeks God."

One thing Jeannette and I did this Relay was join a Cancer Prevention Study called CPS-3. We gave blood samples and signed up to take surveys about our lifestyle over the next 20-30 years. I received mine early in the week and filled it out while Amanda was with the orthodontist.

I have to say that at the age of forty-three, I am in pretty darn good health. And let me tell you, I don't play a big part in that. God has just blessed me because I truly have a food addiction and I am sedentary. Ok, maybe not sedentary in the true definition:

1. characterized by or requiring a sitting posture: a sedentary occupation.

2. accustomed to sit or rest a great deal or to take little exercise.

I just don't exercise. On the survey, they are asking about activity since the age of 18. I was very active in my early twenties. I would Jazzercise three times a week, take a step class on the fourth day and play tennis on the fifth. I was aerobically active FIVE days a week. Maybe because I didn't have a boyfriend.

Then I got married and everything slowed down. We would go to the gym and ride the bike. Then we had babies and our lives and our bodies REALLY started slowing down. I took pre-natal yoga. But that was it. Between the two of us, we had five jobs from 2002 to 2005. I gained ten pounds.

Now I have never been overweight according to this site which allows you to calculate your BMI or Body Mass Index. But I have been at my max for my height which is 60 inches (or a little less).

So getting back to the CPS-3, I have decided that exercise is missing in my life. Since I am off for the summer, I have also decided that now would be a good time as any to start. On Thursday, the children and I went for a walk. They actually rode their bikes. On Friday, Saturday and this morning, I went as soon as I woke. I have been waking between 5 and 5:30 and just getting up. I could roll over because the children are sleeping until almost 8. But I have started making good choices.

I have only been walking 2.4 miles. (Daniel and I took a ride in the car last night to figure it out.) But walking is the only thing that I believe is healthy at my age. I am not saying that I am too old for other exercise. I am just saying that "starting" anything more than walking isn't always a good decision. My sweet man has hurt himself twice in the last couple of years and ended up in the ER because of unwise decisions.

I am also trying to not have "junk" in the house. If we have to go out for ice-cream, then we have to go out for ice-cream. Having it accessible is not a wise decision. We have a really good produce market and the children love to go there. They have all kinds of different fruits and vegetables that the grocery stores don't carry. Amanda loves the guavas which are almost impossible to find in the grocery stores. Color is the key. Our foods should be bright, not gray.

I only hope that I can continue to make good choices on the cruise.

One thing that I truly love about the alone time I am getting on my 40 minute walk is the prayer time. It is so quiet because of the time I have chosen to walk. I see lots of rabbits and listen to the birds. But it's just me and God. Over the last few days, it has become my favorite time of the day.

But right now, while everyone is still sleeping, I am going to go read. I have to make sure I am not replacing my reading time with my exercise time. I guess it will take me a while to find balance.

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  1. Good for you! I, too, do not exercise. I think if I could find a place close by that has a treadmill I'd go for it, but regular walking involved hot, sticky days or snow or rain and just too many reasons for me not to go.