Thursday, June 9, 2011

504 Plan Revisited

Letter to the principal on June 1st.

I wanted to discuss revising Amanda’s 504 plan with Mrs. W but I was advised that she no longer works for the middle school. Therefore, I would like to discuss it with whoever took her place. I apologize for missing the memo and feel foolish for not knowing the replacement’s name. Please forgive me.

Attached are suggestions given to me by a Learning Disability Teacher/Consultant. I have also been advised by my employer, Director of Family Support. We would like to inquire if there is an EYS (extended year services) program that Amanda would qualify for in the math area. My employers twelve year old son is a student at another middle school in our district and has participated in this program each summer.

Amanda has a 504 plan for a reason and somewhere it just came up short, especially in math. I would like to revisit it. Please advise me as to how to go about doing this.

With that being stated, I look forward to hearing from you.

This is a suggestion from my friend:

Our commitment as a parent is to follow through making sure that Amanda completes her homework. We will permit her schedule after school to allow for several hours of homework. I would like to discuss having the 504 Plan read as follows:

• Provide a 2nd set of textbooks/novels to be kept at home. Allow Amanda to use a class text during school. (Slightly different than current wording)
• Provide directions for homework & long term assignments in writing.
• When working on group projects, place Amanda in a group that will maximize her ability to work and minimize distractions & disorganization. Use of peer buddy, as appropriate.
• Provide study guides at least 2 days prior to tests/quizzes.
• Due to executive functioning weaknesses, establish a homework planner system in which Amanda records her homework for a given subject and the teacher initials. Parents check & initial planner each night.
• Morning check-in with teacher to make sure that Amanda is organized and has assignments ready to submit.
• Allow Amanda to use a "Homework Folder" or other system that helps to develop her executive functioning skills.
• Alert the parents immediately by phone or e-mail when Amanda fails to submit homework or class work assignment on due date.
• After parents have been alerted by phone or e-mail, allow Amanda to submit missing assignment(s) without penalty while executive functioning skills are being strengthened, the next day.
• Work with Amanda to establish a plan that can be used in class to help bring her back to task when she has difficulty focusing & completing tasks. (Positive, not negative)
• Preferential seating closest to the area of instruction/instructor.
• Divide workload into manageable chunks. Remind Amanda to check for errors before submitting work to teacher.
• Extended time for classroom tests/quizzes, as needed. Small group testing, when possible.
• Standardized Tests: Test will be given in a small group in a separate room, extended time as needed, Directions read & clarified.

I am hoping to meet with the guidance counselor next week so that we may end the year strong and have everything in place to start off fresh for eighth grade.


  1. Looks like a very thorough plan. Praying your meeting goes well! We have such a good team at AS that I will hate to leave them behind when he goes to CS in two years.

  2. I love it! It's specific and concise and very well-thought out!