Sunday, March 13, 2011

Which topic shall I post?

It's already 6:50 on Sunday night!? Where did the week go? My last post was on my birthday (March 7th). I like 43 already.

I've spent very little time on Facebook and here in the last week. I love it here. So you know that I've been either really busy or really in to my reading. It actually is the second. I was the only one at bible study who completed all 5 days of reading. The topic was rebellion. LOL. God Know!

Here are all the ideas that have been floating through my head in the last six days

1. Rebellion (Breaking Free with Beth Moore)
2. Moving to Hershey
3. Getting a kitten
4. Amanda and our continuing frustration
5. Obedience (or me fighting it)
6. Home improvements
7. Gossip
8. Peace
9. photos of the birthday food and the Irish Dance parade

On Wednesday March 2nd, we received a voice-mail. The next day my love received the actual call...from his former boss. On Friday, we received a call from a doctor who works in Hershey. We knew it was serious. We were 90% sure that a move was in our future. We even started looking at real estate in the surrounding areas.

I thought about all the things that would change. No more Irish Dance. Change in cub scouts, little league, school districts, place of worship. Would I work? I have the dream job now. I can't imagine working anywhere else!

The doctor had a phone interview with my love for over an hour. They decided that a face-to-face meeting would not happen until the end of the month. Several days of stress and trying to work out all the details, only made me pray more. I finally settled on the idea around the end of the week.

Friday afternoon I received a text..."Hershey is a no. Talk to you later". I was disappointed. LOL. When the pros and cons list was made, the cons list was larger than the pros. The decision was made. OK. "But can we take the design to sell money that we were going to use to fix up the house to get it on the market and actually fix up the house?" I ask. So we are going to have a kitchen make-over in the next couple of months.

I though about how heart broken Daniel would be to leave his one and only best friend Eric, so I though that we would probably have to get a kitten when we moved in the new house. His heart got excited and then disappointed, so it looks like we will get a kitty after we return from our cruise.

Today was the most peaceful day of the week. I took the children to A Church of Living Hope (our new name). We left at 9 am. We returned at 12:30. I went to a wonderful class for second hour called "Roots". I then came home, ate a salad and met two girlfriends at Panara for tea. Then I dropped off bags for the clothes swap and swung by my "Handy Mom's" house to discuss renovations. After that, I came home to steak and asparagus. (Grocery shopping was fit in there somewhere). Now it's almost time to put the children to bed so I can have alone time with my favorite man. This is how I want to spend every Sunday!

I guess that God has a plan. No, I know that God has a plan. So we stay put here on Hope Road. And I couldn't be happier!

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” - Romans 8:28

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  1. Oh, I was so excited for a minute--Hershey is only an hour from me! :-D

    Can I give some advice about the kitten thing? Get two. Seriously. It's about the same work to take care of them and they end up playing with/exhausting each other instead of bugging YOU all the time. My sister has done it both ways more than once and says definitely get two.

    And WOOHOO on fixing up the kitchen! That's on our 2012 list, depending on Jim's work. Right now it's a deterrent to someone buying, so we need to invest before we try to sell. Sigh. Is hubby actively looking for work?