Friday, February 25, 2011

Simple Life

I am reading a new book. I am striving to live the Simple Life. I think that I have been less distracted by the computer in the last two weeks. We've all been sick. I've been treading water but so thankful that God allowed the sickness to slow us down.

My brother said I had not updated my facebook status for 48 hours. Funny, I guess I had nothing to share. I can't say "I have nothing to say" because that's just not who I am. I am my mother's daughter and can talk about nothing for 40 minutes!

Even the blog has been a little neglected.

Anyway, I have something to say right now! We had a team meeting with the seventh grade teachers. They are very likable. Each of them took turns talking and describing what they have seen over the last few months. Nothing they were saying was new to us. I told them that the child they were describing was the one we knew for the last twelve years. The child who made the honor role? Well, she is the one we were surprised by.

I, of course, had to go there. You know, that place we all want to go to but hesitate to. I went down the "WHY" path. Why didn't anyone call us? Why didn't anyone notify us? Did anyone find it to be odd that she just stopped doing her homework? What does it take to have someone contact us?

Did I feel better for asking the questions? No.

Did anyone answer the questions with a sufficient response? No

Why, then, is it so difficult for me to just have faith that God was, is and always will be in control?

The math teacher had a print-out of all of the assignments that Amanda has completed or not completed this year. He said she just stopped doing her homework on December 8th. I responded with, my Dad died on the 11th.

Yes, I have guilt. Yes, I choked back tears the entire time and yes I cried the whole drive back to work. But, God is who He says He is and we are a stronger and more focused family because of the lack of awareness last marking period.

Amanda has been completing ALL of the assignments whether she receives credit or not. It is my new "discipline" for her. We are correcting the behavior. Everyone wins when it is discipline. When it is punishment, everyone suffers.

So my new motto is "Live and Learn". The live part is usually painful or uncomfortable. We may suffer. But because of it, we learn. And we learn not to do it again (hopefully). And as long as God is my teacher, I will trust that His way is the best way.

Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you. Psalm 25:5 NLT

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  1. Poor Amanda. She must have taken her grandfather's loss very hard. Poor Mama, too! This parenting thing is HARD! And WTG with the discipline. Good for her, too!