Sunday, February 13, 2011

Food Conversation

Me: Did you take my Greek yogurt?

Him: I guess.

Me: Do you know what Greek yogurt is? What it tastes like?

Him: No.

Me: It's like kind of sour. Not sweet at all. Maybe like sour cream.

Him: Eww. Wow, you missed that in like 2.5 seconds since I put it in my lunch box.

Me: Don't you know I have food issues? We've been together for 15 years! I think about food all the time. When I am eating I think about the next meal. I can probably tell you the calorie intake in any given food. I eat the same foods all the time. I...

He cuts me off.

Him: Ok, you're a freak. I get it.

(BTW...I laughed my head off, because it is so true!)

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