Monday, January 17, 2011

Marvelous Monday Morning

This was on the KLOVE page, under lyrics for the song by Chris Tomlin, called KINDNESS. It was not part of the song but it said (praying).

We stand here,
As the desperate people
Hungry for the things of you
Come quiet the storms,
That rage all around us
So that we hear
The passion that
Beats through your heart
Spirit put healing in our hands
Put life in our words
And drive a passion
For the lost deep
In the hearts of your people
Inhabit the praises of us
Through children
And father send us out
With a reckless passion
Deliver us from evil
And set a standard of unity
To break down laws
And to heal your people
Unity is the cry of your church, Lord
Reckonsile the children to the fathers
And with forgiveness and mercy
Rush through the hearts of our land
We cry out our deep need for you Jesus
Oh God come in power
And bring glory to your name.

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