Monday, December 27, 2010

Our First Snow

I believe we got close to ten inches. I shoveled the walks this morning and then helped my next door neighbor. I think about my Mom and how hard it must be to have to do things like this. She has been taking care of my Dad since 2006. When is someone going to take care of her? Her neighbor came over with the snow blower and did her driveway opening.

We were on a quest to find a sled. The other day Daniel tried to talk me in to buying one at Redners. I said no. I just didn't have the money at that time. Now of course I wish I had bought it. There is not a sled to be found. We went to Dicks, Target, Kmart and Redners. He finally settled for a snow board.

I took them to the middle school hill for a quick trial run. It took us longer to walk from the parking lot then it did to actually try out the snow board. They both enjoyed the little time we had. I think we might have been there 15 minutes. The wind was kicking up fiercely.

I did capture just a few pictures before my fingers went completely numb. As you can see, the wind blew most of the snow off the little hill. So the board works well on grass too!


  1. Great pics! We postponed our sledding until tomorrow because of that bitter wind. My big kids might have held up, but I'm sure my 4 y/o would have been less than thrilled, lol.

  2. Whoa! We got WAY less than you. The kids were able to go out sledding on our hill, but you can already see a lot of grass in our back yard.