Thursday, December 30, 2010

Grief: Finding Hope Again

The second post is underneath this one so you have to scroll down. I want you to read them in order. This one was written last night. The other was written this morning. Actually, not written as in "I wrote this". Paul David Tripp wrote it. I just borrowed it.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

As I pull into Mom's drive-way the first thing that goes through my head is, "Dad's not here." When does that stop? The feeling, the thought, the...whatever?

So when I was cleaning out drawers on Tuesday night, I found a book about marriage. I also found one about grief by the same author, Paul David Tripp. I remember picking these two books up at "Cheryl's Church" back in 2006. They have remained in a drawer until now.

I love that God is never late. His timing blows my mind.

Wednesday started out feeling fresh and renewed but soon it changed. One minute I was listening to KLove and laughing. The next minute I was crying. The day continued with much of the same, laughing with Mom and Jeannette and sadness talking about Dad's final days.

Around 7 pm, I decided to find the little book of 15 pages that I stuck back in a drawer. Here are some things that I underlined:

You Are Never Alone in the Darkness

The experience of loss is powerful. The circumstances around death are individual and unique. It is normal to feel as if no one has been through what you now experience. People surround you, yet you feel like you are all by yourself.

Yet the sadness of losing a loved one is a universal experience. A company of mourners surround you. Yet there is an even more powerful way in which you are not alone. Your Savior has taken the name Emmanuel, or "God with us." this name reminds us that, as you came to Christ, you literally became the place where God dwells.

God understands the darkness we face. He is right there in it with us, "an ever-present help in trouble." The Lord of light is your friend in darkness. The Lord of life stands beside you in death. The Lord of hope is your companion in your despair. The Prince of Peace supports you when no peace can be found. The God of all comfort waits faithfully near you. The Source of all joy is close by when death has robbed you of joy.

I feel like this is a really long post, but I want to share this with you because we can grieve other things in our lives too.

Your Lord is present in the darkness. He planned the darkest things to result in redemptive good for his children. He surrendered his Son to death so that you could have life. He will not abandon you now.

There Is More to Life

Christ died so that we would no longer have to die. He rose again so that death would be put to death. Every time someone dies, it reminds us that death still lives. But every death also points us to the promise that Christ brings a resurrection once and forever. Through Christ, death has been defeated. One day, life will no longer give way to death. One day, life will give way to life in eternity.

As you weep, know this: the One who weeps with you is not content for things to stay as they are. His death was a cry and his resurrection a promise. The living Christ will continue to exert his power and you will grieve no more.

God approves of your tears! But he welcomes you to look at death through the eyes of Christ. The comfort and hope He provides does not remove your grief, but they allow you to grieve in a brand new way. And He promises one day to take you to a place where you will never cry again.

OK...I will continue this later.

Until then, hanging on to the Truth that GOD is always WITH US. I HOPE you are too!


  1. Yes my friend God is always with us, and His love for us is beyond measure or what our human brain can comprehend.

    I pray you feel His love today and that you also are surrounded by His peace!