Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

A little different this year.

Yesterday we met at Mom's house at 3pm for Christmas Eve pizza. All eleven of us were there with Mom. We ate. We talked. We ate. We laughed. We ate. We opened gifts. We ate. And then we all went our separate ways by 6 pm. It was weird. NEVER have we gone to Mom's for Christmas Eve. It was the first time. Today, I went over early. Mom and I went through some paperwork and then Jeannette arrived with her two and my three arrived shortly after. We had lunch (your probably wondering how we could have possibly eaten any more, aren't you?) We had already opened gifts. So we watched television. I said to Mom, "it doesn't feel like Christmas". She said "no, it doesn't." We left around 4:30. Jeannette left shortly after that.

Christmas was a little different this year. Dad was on my mind all day. He loved to buy tons and tons of gifts. And he started early. But this year was just a little different.

Here are some picture memories.

Amanda gave Daniel a nano bug and he said, "oh thank you, Amanda and hugged her."

This little lady steals the show with her cuteness. Jeannette bought her a pink snoopy and she tore the ears off already. I caught her with snoopy in her mouth and the camera did this freaky green eyes thing. Freaky deaky!

This was one of my favorite gifts. It was given to Mom by Jeannette. She always has creative ideas.

But...we surprised Mom with a ticket to come along with us on an Alaskan cruise in June. It was truly the highlight of the day, I believe.

To end our day, I tried to take a picturesque "Normal Rockwell" type of picture. It kept coming up blurry but this one is to my satisfaction.

Last year (Christmas 2009)


  1. You and Jeanette are wonderful daughters and very flexible--doing paperwork on Christmas morning! And going on a cruise--WOW! That should give you something to look forward to in 2011.

  2. Lovely pictures :) Glad you found new ways to enjoy the day, even though it's different you'll find your new normal someday I suppose. ♥ This was my friend Keri's first Christmas without her dad as well. Praying for you both.