Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Congratulations, Amanda!


FIVE A's and Three B's!

English - A

Social Studies - B

Pre-Algebra - B (Did you see that!? It a B...B...B!)

Science - B

Art - A

Music - A

Keyboarding (Typing our our generation) - A

Phys. Ed. - A


  1. Congrats! That's so great! Does keyboarding mean typing? I asked Avery about that recently and she acted like I was crazy for thinking that they would teach typing in school, lol. I guess she figures she already 'knows' how. I told her texting is not typing! :P

  2. Congrats Amanda!
    Kayla got her report card tonight:
    Communications 100%
    Pre-Algebra 90%
    Science 95%
    Social Studies 86% (and he reprimanded her for it..saying she's better than that!)
    Physical Education 90%
    Art 95%
    Home Economics 85%
    Congratulations! You have achieved Meritorious Honors...guess that's the same as Honor Roll

  3. And Sean had straight A's! I guess 1998 was a good year to be born.

  4. Bianca just saw Amanda's picture and I quote her: "That's miss amanda, I love her!"