Sunday, October 31, 2010

Open My Eyes, Lord

Click here to listen to a song that will instantly have me in tears. I love it so!

I want to fast forward my life. I want to skip all of the hurt that is happening right now. I want to get to the end. I want to get to the place where I see Jesus face to face. I pray these words as I sing the words to this song.

"Because I'll never hold the picture of the whole horizon in my view". I don't understand why children have to die, why my friend has to have ALS, why my parents have to suffer the unknown of the aneurysm, why I have to walk this road in my marriage...again.

Great are You, Lord. All for Your Glory Lord. Bring the rain. I want to know You more.

I open my journal and write LTM in large letters, then next to it "hooray". I love this place, I think. Then I ask God to help me not make it an idol. I need to love Him, not a place.

"People Matter to God" and "God's Word Changes Lives" are today's messages. Actually, I think it was "OPEN MY EYES, LORD", with sub-titles of the other two, to be exact.

Pastor Paul speaks words that only God could have given him. I clung to every word, trying to quickly write them down to share with you. God knows exactly what we need to hear. Everyone hears something different. I was focused on listening to the words that were meant for me and not the words that "so and so" should be hearing. "Oh this message is for her! And she didn't even have the nerve to come!" I do that. I have acknowledged this sin in my life several years ago. I still struggle with what Beth Moore would call LEGALISM. I will break free of this.

Did you know that God is always moving us from here to there? He says "I am making all things new." He isn't changing. He is the same today as He was yesterday as He will be tomorrow. But He moves us. We may move from pride to humility, from comfort to uncomfortable, insecurity to security.

Where is my "here"? It's idolatry and legalism. Legalism has so many aspects. My judgmental character and self-righteousness has been obvious. But just in the last week, it really has come to light that I make "time" and idol. It keeps popping it's ugly head up. I find myself saying to myself before I do anything "what time is it?" Even this morning, I wondered if I had time to vacuum the carpet so I could move the couch back for Daniel. I don't want to be late. Can't be late! It was only 8:30. I had plenty of time to be there by 9:15. I left at 9:05 and then saw "Lisa". I spoke with her for a little while and it was good. I wasn't looking at the clock. I finally arrived at LTM at 9:17 AND THAT'S OK, God said.

Did you know that Humans have a pattern of opposing God's plan and His messengers/message? Why do we resist the Holy Spirit? We can not manipulate God's spirit? Why do we try, then?

The first thing we need to do (yes, you too) is acknowledge your stronghold, your obstacle. Then you need to tell someone. You need to have accountability in your life. So did you hear what God has shed light on in my life? It is idolatry and legalism. HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE, PLEASE!

These are the three areas that Pastor Paul touched on in response to those things:

*How might you be resisting God's plan and His message?
* Who/What is stealing your attention away from God?
*Who/What are you allowing to block your view of God?

One member of the body said that he spent over 400 hours watching baseball. He confessed this and prayed, asked for accountability and didn't watch any last week at all. Is it t.v. for you? Figure out how long you watch t.v. then cut back. God doesn't ask you for all or nothing. If you watch five hours a week, cut it back to four and spend that free hour praying, journaling, reading (His word). God is OK with baby steps, you know.


Father God, thank you for today message. Thank you for the exact songs that were picked out for my ears. Open my eyes, Lord. I pray that you shape the way that I thing. My view is blocked. Open my eyes. I ask you again, Lord. Change and undo me. Why do I resist You so? Empty my heart of anything that is not of You. Fill it up with the Holy Spirit. Transform me, conform me to a more Christ-like character. In Jesus Name, AMEN.

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