Sunday, October 10, 2010

Layers of Me

A Meme from Multiple Mom dot word press dot com

Layer One

name: Born Theresa Mary Margaret (added Margaret as a Catholic)
birth date: March 7
birthplace: Pennsylvania
current location: Pennsylvania
eye color: blue
hair color: blonde (strawberry) with grey
height: 4'11" (I'm shrinking)
righty or lefty: right
zodiac sign: Pisces (one fish who doesn't like water)

Layer Two

your heritage: Irish (Dad) English ? (mom)
the shoes you wore today: sneakers
your weakness: cake
your fears: disappointing people
your perfect pizza: extra cheese and pepperoni

Layer Three

your most overused phrase: so many...settle down?
your first waking thoughts: what time is it?
your best physical feature: according to whom? My smile?
your favorite memory: "Will you marry me?"

Layer Four

pepsi or coke: Neither
mcdonald’s or burger king: McDonalds
single or group dates: definitely single with my Love
adidas or nike: Nike
lipton ice tea or nestea: Sweet Tea
cappuccino or coffee: Oh Cappuccino!

Layer Five

smoke: no
cuss: almost never
sing: All the time. All.The.Time. (multiple mom's answer but I love it)
do you think you’ve been in love: I am!
want to go to college: Again, Never! (Graduated in 1991)
liked high school: not really
want to get married: I've been married 3 times to the same man but I'd do it again!
believe in yourself: I am who God says I am.
get motion sickness: no
think you’re attractive: sometimes. Sometimes not so much.
think you’re a health freak: Again, sometimes.
get along with your parents: yes
like thunderstorms: Yes.
play an instrument: Ha ha, no!

Layer Six

in the past month…
drank alcohol: yes
smoked: no
done a drug: no
made out: yes
gone on a date: yes
gone to the mall: yes
eaten an entire box of oreos: never
eaten sushi: no.
been on stage: no
been dumped: no
gone skating: no
made homemade cookies: no
gone skinny dipping: no
dyed your hair: never
stolen anything: no

Layer Seven

played a game that required removal of clothing: no
if so, was it mixed company: I said no.
been trashed or extremely intoxicated: yes
been caught “doing something”: uh, maybe
been called a tease: yes
gotten beaten up: no
shoplifted: yes
changed who you were to fit in: Yep

Layer Eight

age you hope to be married: I was 28
numbers and names of children: Amanda (12) Daniel (8)
describe your dream wedding: It happened. Married in a garden next to the "yellow breeches" and took photos in a gazebo. Partied with friends and family. It was perfect.
how do you want to die: in my sleep
where do you want to go to college: I went to Kutztown University in PA
what do you want to be when you grow up: Who says I have to grow up?
what country would you most like to visit: living in the USA is where I want to stay.

Layer Nine

number of people I could trust with my life: probably more than I would think
number of cds that I own: lost count, a lot, more than 20
number of piercings: ears...five holes
number of tattoos: Nope, never!
number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: Not sure.
number of scars on my body: Again, not sure...and who really cares!?
number of things in my past that I regret: Too many to count but everything happens for a reason. God doesn't make mistakes. Everything is part of the refining process.

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  1. it's wordpress, not worldpress. :-)

    How have you been married three times to DH?

    What did you major in?

    5 HOLES IN YOUR EARS?? Good heavens! OUCH!