Sunday, October 24, 2010

End of the Year Camping

It was 45 degrees this morning. We walked down to "The Point" to collect rocks that I will be using with the Apples.

I'm always looking for a great picture moment.

Friday night in to Saturday morning, the temperature dropped to the low 30's but we were prepared with warm sleeping bags, blankets and cots. The parents slept on the cots Friday night. Daniel wasn't feeling good last night, so he got a cot.

We sat around the camp fire. The children drank Stewards soda. The men cooked salmon, bratwurst, hotdogs, hamburgers and shrimp. Amanda is using a piece of a roll to get the last of the butter

Daniel was showing me his boating technique. It was nerve racking for me. It didn't matter that he was eight. He could have been ten, or twelve or sixteen. He was struggling and I was close to panicking. He "beached it" and Daddy showed him how to fight the current to get the boat on the trailer.

Hey look, it's me. I am actually in a couple of the pictures.

Our camp fire. It is enjoyable to sit around a camp fire in October. I think I like camping better in the cold weather. I brought the supplies for smores but we just ate the candy bars.


  1. I LOVE the picture of Daniel all snuggled up in the blankets! And kudos to you for camping in late October!! I Do Not Camp. At all. Your kids (and hubby!) are lucky to have you.