Friday, April 16, 2010

Paid the price

"Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus"
Philippians 2:5

It was such a happy afternoon celebrating Amanda's report card. After Friendly's we were off to baseball practice. On the way there, it started to rain. Oh well, Plan B. AWANA. I had to stop to get money for their dues. On the way, I passed WAWA. To break the large bill, I told them they could each get a candy bar. Amanda chose a bag of Jolly Ranchers. Daniel couldn't decide between Swedish Fish and Sour Patch candy. I told him he could get both because they were cheaper than the Jolly Ranchers. I heard him say "We can share". Then they both show up at the register with a bag of Jolly Ranchers. We walked back to the candy aisle but Amanda has decided she does not want to share. So I made them put the candy back and we left with nothing.

As they get in the car, I am reading them the riot act because of their selfishness. I believe I was mostly angry at Amanda. I pull away and reach for the money (two $10) and it's not in my pocket. I check all my pockets and the wallet. NOTHING! I pull back in the lot and get out. I go in the store (which is packed!) NOTHING. I go back to where I parked and there lays the bank receipt...and NOTHING!

I am fuming. I go back in the store and take out only $10 this time. I continue with the riot act, telling the kids that because of their selfishness we didn't get candy or the $20 that we were going to use to buy the candy.

After I drop them off I realize that God had to teach me a lesson for being so indignant.

angry at unfairness: angry or annoyed at the apparent unfairness or unreasonableness of something

Synonyms: irate, vexed, put out, in a huff, outraged, incensed, annoyed, piqued, cross, angry, furious

Sigh. Why are the tough lessons so tough?

Father God,
Thank You for today. Thank You for the trials and tribulations you place in front of me. They make me need You more, to rely on You for everything. Thank You for paying my price on the cross so that I didn't have.
Help me be an effective leader. Let me be the same person on the outside that I am on the inside. Let me be the same person on the inside that I am on the outside. Make me transparent. Break my heart for what breaks Yours. Soften me. Let me be on the path of Jesus. Let my light shine on that path. Lead me. Guide me. Humble me. Help me have love in my heart and kindness on my lips. Let me be patient. May my attitude be the same as Christ Jesus.
In Your Precious Son's name, Amen.

I've been doing a 40 Days with Jesus devotional with Pastor Paul. He sends an email each morning. I seem to be a little behind. But actually I am right on God's time. After writing this post, this is the email I received:

God allows situations to develop that give way to emotion, even confusion, so that we can gaze upon His wonder. Notice that the disciples don’t realize that it was their sin that actually required Jesus to die on a cross. Our leaders handed Him over and they crucified Him. Are we like that? Do you think it was for someone else’s sin that Jesus died? Yeah, you sin, but you don’t think it’s as bad as others; it’s not like other people do.

Scary how that works. You know what I mean right? It will be the devotion I read at Wee Care or the Bible Gateway verse of the day or the K-Love verse of the day. It ties right in to my life because that is what God had planned. Thank You God for being totally in control of my life!

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