Saturday, February 6, 2010


Click here to listen to a song that I heard Thursday night. I know this song. I love Third Day. But I needed to hear this song just at that moment. God eased my anxiety for Friday morning's meeting.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. Psalm 119:105

What can I say but God is good, all the time.

Our first meeting was with the guidance counselor and the team. Since there was a two hour delay on Wednesday, the eightH graders couldn't go to the high school for orientation. It was rescheduled for Friday, which meant the principal would sit in on the meeting in place of the guidance counselor.

God is good, all the time.

This was our first time meeting Principal K. She was great. My love started describing what we have been going through, which was nothing new to the teachers. I handed them the description of what homework is like for an ADHD child. Also on that page were possible modifications to add to the 504 plan. I also gave the request to have Amanda evaluated again.

The principal said that if the 504 Plan was specific she wouldn't need the IEP, which she probably didn't qualify for because she is "capable" of doing the work. My friend just received approval for her second grader. He has ADHD but he is a straight A student. I don't know why one child gets approved and another doesn't. But God does. I just need to trust that fact.

One thing that was suggested to me by one of my co-worker friends is that Amanda put all of her homework in a folder and turn it in first thing in the morning. I forgot to add that to the list. of the teachers suggested that. The team all agreed on this, so we will have that put in the 504 Plan. As far as I know, if it is in the 504 Plan, then it will carry on as she moves to a new grade each year.

We will still need to have meetings each year. The principal suggested having another one in April.

The math teacher said that if there are five problems of a certain concept and she does two correctly, then that's fine. She should not be spending more than 30 minutes on math homework.

God is good, all the time.

The teachers all see an effort. The science teacher said that Amanda had a 55% but her effort was more than that number. I think the best part of the meeting was seeing how willing they are to help our child.

Understanding where we are coming from and what an ADHD child is like, is so important. They only see our child for about 50 minutes each day. I told them that if Amanda was left to herself, she would just be lost in her thoughts. I will walk past the bathroom door and I can see that she is just sitting on the potty. I'll say, "You ok?". Then I hear, "yeah", a flush and the water running. Daniel can go upstairs, get dressed and come down. Amanda will go upstairs and after 30 minutes, I will have to go up to prompt her.

Not many people understand the disconnect. I have been blessed with a co-worker who has ADHD...actually ADD like Amanda, (I love her so). That's another thing people don't understand. They automatically think the person has to be hyper. My co-worker teachs me something new each day. It takes much patience. People get frustrated because they think the child is just being defiant. Just because they are capable doesn't mean that they can follow through. People don't understand the lying part either, which is also new to me. But God knows what He is doing.

So we left feeling, well one word...satisfied. It's a good feeling! SIX YEARS we have been doing this. And SIX MORE are ahead of us. But I have the best people on my side. I have prayer warriors. I have incredible administrators. I am blessed. Our mess is going to be a wonderful message of the Glory of God. And we are blazing the trail for others who will one day walk down this road.

All I have to say is, God is good...ALL THE TIME.

Report cards came out yesterday:
A -Gym
B - Tech ED (woodshop)
B - Art
C - Health
D- Social Studies
D - English
F - Science
F - Math

We celebrated with Chinese food last night!


  1. I'm so glad that you had such a good meeting, and are making some really good progress. And I love how God brought you and I together at just the right time, for us to encourage each other on this journey :)

  2. So will she pass this year? I mean, will they let her go into the next grade if her grades do not improve? And if so, how does that help her? I don't have much experience with ADD/ADHD--it's one of the few things we don't have!--so I just look at the grades and see if a child has an F they are not understanding the information and shouldn't go onto the next grade where they will be required to build on the information from the previous year. Do you understand what I'm asking? Is it just that she isn't doing homework or doesn't test well? Or does not not "get" what is being taught?