Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Morning Prayer Time

Good morning, Father, Good Morning Jesus. Good morning Holy Spirit.

Thank you for giving me another day on this earth to glorify your name. I am satisfied with the life that You have given me. There are so many people who are unhappy but I know true joy because of You. My life is far from perfect. I have many struggles with patience and kindness and love. But you have given me the two most beautiful children to strengthen those qualities in me. My marriage is far from perfect. But we are at a happy point. I have learned so much in the last year and a half about love and what marriage is really about. Thank you for each speed bump in my life. Thank you for the pot holes. Help me be an example of Your perfect love.

In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

How long do you pray each day? Right before naptime, I pray with the Plums for about 90 seconds. I just prayed for about 5 minutes. In the shower, I prayed for maybe 5 more minutes. As I layed in bed at 4:30 am (my love was leaving for work)I prayed for about...5 minutes, before falling back to sleep for another hour.

How long do you pray each day?

OK, so that is a total of 16 and a half minutes. Wow! I warm my car up for longer than that each morning.

How long am I on Facebook? How long do I blog? How long does it take me to check email? How long to I talk on the phone to my mother? How about you? Do you watch all of those reality shows? Not me! (oh well, if they are on Food Network, I do). What is keeping you busy? B.U.S.Y.

Being Under Satan's Yoke

Yoke - restrictive burden: something that is felt to be oppressive and restrictive

I'm convicted. So it's time for me to get off of this blog and spend some time with my best friend. Have a Terrific Tuesday.

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