Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New You

Nine weeks!

Nine weeks to wellness? Well...

I had my annual gyn visit on New Year's Eve (yesterday). It's good to check that off the list. My blood pressure was perfect. My heart. Again, perfect. I am not on any medications, except the Amoxicillin I am finishing today for Strep. I have not had a visit since July of 2008, prior to going back to work. So I was down eight pounds. EIGHT pounds. That's exciting.

But, getting back to the nine weeks part...

It's a new year. Time for resolutions. Time for change. My mother's family history is all about Diabetes. Her youngest sister was diagnosed recently. She is only fifty years old. That's just a few years away, when I think about it. So, I am going back to all of the things I changed to lose that 8 pounds.

Do I need to lose weight? No. I weighed in at 116.9 yesterday morning. I am content with that number. I am content with the way my clothes fit. I am content with the way I look.

Could I be healthier? Heck yes. I need to get off of my sugar binge.

Yesterday, knowing my plan for the new year, was the day of excess! I had a french vanilla cappacino (or a cup of flavored sugar) with french toast that my mom made (yummy). Then around 12:30, I had a Boston Creme donut except the cream was white. So I guess that's not a Boston Cream. My local Dunkin Donuts calls it the Manager's Special. Lunch was a ton of shrimp and spinach dip with french bread. Then I washed it down with homemade snowflake cookies. (I think they are called Divinity). But that's what we call them. They are meringue cookies with chocolate chips. Dinner? No thank you. I'm full. So around 8:15 pm, I had the end of the pumpkin pie with vanilla ice-cream.


"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

With all that being said, this morning I am having Captain Crunch French Toast but I am getting right on track by going through the cabinets and inventorying. Later. I will not have junk in the house because I am weak and will be tempted.

Nine weeks. You might be saying, so what happens in nine weeks? I will be having my forty-second birthday. (I want to be feeling as good as I look, ha ha. I thought you'd like that one!)

Back to the OHM Challenge. OHM stands for One Hot Momma which was started by Michelle. She is a riot if you haven't read her blog, please do.

I will post an update each Monday to let you know what I am doing, not doing, improving upon, etc. Why Monday? Because women can't start mid-week. "The diet starts on Monday!" Have you said those words? I usually say, "The diet starts tomorrow".

But isn't today yesterday's tomorrow?

It's a New Year. It can be a New You. But you have to want to change!

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  1. I love the corinthians passage. I copied and sent it to myself so I can read it over and over!! I really like your blog, you are such an inspiration! Love you!!!