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Helpful Hints, Not Rules

I was 128 pounds in July of 2008. I was down to 112 pounds which took about four or five months. That's healthy losing. (It's about one pound a week). I didn't do a fad diet or buy expensive foods. I did nothing special.I prayed a lot. I journaled. I was patient and stuck with it. I trusted that I was learning what God had planned for me. YOU CAN DO THIS. Here's the truth...You didn't put the weight on overnight and it won't come off overnight either. What do you have to lose but the weight? So give it a try.

Helpful Hint #1
Keep A Food Journal
If you bite it, write it.

I was going to write Rule but I have decided that I need less rules in my life and more Helpful Hints. Agree?

There are many on-line. I've used FitDay in the past. Sometimes it's easier to use a little pad that you can keep in your purse, gym bag or Wee Care smock.

Friday January 1st - Happy New Year

Capt. Crunch French Toast (ouch)
2 Slices Bacon
3 Cheese slices (110 cal)
4 Crackers (70 cal)
2 Hershey Kisses
6 oz Cinnamon Egg Nog (180 cal)
1 piece of Kielbasa
1 Hard Boiled Egg (70 cal)
A few mini cookies while bagging snacks for next week
Nachos (but only one bowl which is really good for me)

Try it. I wasn't counting calories. But I am becoming AWARE. I checked the serving sizes and calories (when available). The exception to that was the nachos. I had intended on counting the chips, and measuring the shredded cheese, salsa and sour cream. But we were ordering a movie from ON-DEMAND (4.99!) and the carpet picnic was already set up. So I was pressed for time.

Which leads to another...

Helpful Hint #2
Plan Ahead

Count out snacks in baggies. Boil Eggs and have a bowl in the refrigerate for easy access. Make a meal plan for the day. Just have a plan because if you fail to plan then surely you will plan to fail.

Helpful Hint #3
Measure Everything (if possible)

I keep a measuring cup in the cereal container. I measure my milk. I have little bowls that I use for anything that needs to be measured (like my applesauce).

Helpful Hint #4
Read Serving Sizes

Do this especially if you drink, well, anything basically. For example, one bottle of Nestle NESQUIK is TWO servings. Each serving has 180 calories. So do the math if you are drinking the entire thing. That's 360 calories or in other words, LUNCH. Do you eat those pre-packaged (320 calories in HALF the) muffins. Those will kill your entire day. And they are more than one serving. (Yes, I know you can eat the whole thing. That doesn't mean you are suppose to however.)


Are you still with me or have I lost you? Hang in there. It's not as hard as it seems.

Helpful Hint #5
Eat the Rainbow

Are all of your foods, uh, kind of (grey) colorless? Do you eat a lot of cheese, potatoes, white bread, pasta. Are you feeling me? I know. You are thinking that if I tell you not to eat these, then there is nothing left. Be encouraged. There is.

You can eat low-fat cheese (which I don't) or just really cut the serving size. Now that's a hint in itself. JUST CUT THE SERVING SIZE IN HALF. You can eat sweet potatoes. Oh stop. They are good. Ok, then don't put all that butter and sour cream on your baked pototato. Will that work? Measure how much you do use. BE AWARE. Switch to a high fiber bread OR CUT THE SERVING SIZE IN HALF. Just have one slice of white bread. Try whole-wheat pasta. Yes, there is a different texture but if you slowly add some to the regular pasta until you have 'weaned' yourself off, you will not even know the diff. Trust me. Would I lead you down a road if it wasn't Truth?

Fruits and Vegetables. You have to eat them. You don't have to eat a variety if you don't like them. They don't even have to be fresh. I use a lot of frozen veggies and a lot of pre-packaged fruit in lite syrup. In my book, canned fruit is better than a donut (Did someone say donut? Oh, how I will miss you!)or a muffin.

Try to find some foods that you like that are red, orange or yellow. Berries are very good for you. Or go to the Food Pyramid. Just try, please.

Helpful Hint # (what are we up to?)
Drink Water

The never-ending debate about water, continues. Questions, Questions! How much? Does that include all liquids or just water? Can I drink too much? Can I drink flavored water?

I don't have all the answers. I've heard different things. I've heard drink half your weight. I've heard a definite YES you can drink too much. But I don't know. I am going with the old-school answer of 64 ounces. For me, that's four glasses because I have a 16 oz. glass. I keep it on my counter and every time I walk passed it, I take a drink. It's a visual reminder for me. But that's me. I don't drink anything else on a daily basis. Water is my drink of choice. Again, just try. Please.

Helpful Hint #7
Stop Eating 2-3 Hours Before Bed

Why? I don't know. Really. I don't know. I tried finding it on the internet but couldn't. I know there is probably an answer that has to do with your metabolism. But still, I don't have it. Sorry. Give it a try. It might help you sleep better. Oh, you don't have a problem sleeping. Then I got nothing. (It works for me).

Helpful Hint #8
Brush Your Teeth After Eating

Sounds silly? Sounds simple? Yes. It is. But it kills the urge to put another thing in my mouth because I now have that super fresh minty feeling.

Helpful Hint #9
Count Your Calories

Use this calculator to figure out how many calories you need. It factors in your age, current weight, height and exercise level.

Listen, people, I do not go to the gym. I do not have a membership or even know when I would be able to find time to use it. I do Wake-up, Warm-up with the Plums. And I clean my house (sometimes). I STILL LOST THE WEIGHT. Because I CHANGED.

The calculator will tell you how many calories you need to eat to maintain your weight. It will then tell you how many if you want to lose (Fat Loss). Then it has the "extreme fat loss" number. Please don't read that. It is not safe. It is not healthy. Just go with the "fat loss" number.

To maintain my 117 pounds, I should eat about 1500. If I want to lose, I should drop to about 1200. Do I agree with this? I don't know. You need to talk to your doctor. Have your New Year physical. (I had mine just before Christmas because I had strep).

I was eating about 1300 calories most likely. But I wasn't beating myself up if I got up to 1800 calories. I was mindful of what I was eating. If I ate poorly for one meal, then I would start again at the NEXT MEAL. I didn't wait for the next day or the next Monday to start over.

Alright, are you about done with all my helpful hints? OK, I'll stop with one more. Helpful Hint #10 should really be #1.

Helpful Hint #10 (The most important one).

Ask God what He wants you to learn in your journey to a healthier you. You will most likely fall many times during this process. He will be there to pick you up and encourage you to keep going. KEEP MOVING AHEAD. Don't look back at all the diets that you have been on. Don't look at all of the past attempts as failures. THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SUCCEED. I know YOU CAN DO THIS. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

And remember:

"What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?" Romans 8:31

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  1. Lots of great ideas here :) I use to keep track of my exercise too.