Friday, December 25, 2009

Z is for...


FINALLY. Ok, now I stole this one from Renee. If you haven't met her, please take a minute to stop by and read about her Special K's. I have downsized on my blog reading, but she is still in my favorites.

ZZZZ, is for sleeping. It's another one of those things you take for granted until it is taken from you.

My little lady had her days and nights mixed up. Kayla, my neice, who is six weeks older than Amanda, was sleeping through the night at six weeks.

By the time I went back to work (at eleven weeks), Amanda was sleeping at a better stretch. We would feed her and put her down at 8 pm. Then she would get up one time. It would be a different time but at least it was only one.

Our day started at 4:45 am so we liked when she woke around 2 am. She would suck the bottle down in record time and then go right back to sleep. This went on for 10 months. There was much advise about putting cereal in her bottle. I tried that twice. One night it worked. Then next it didn't. She was FAT and didn't need the cereal so we went back to straight-up formula. THEN, at 10 months old, she rolled to her belly and we never had another sleepless night.

When our little man came along, we were those parents who said "He slept through the night since he came home from the hospital". Don't you hate those people? We did the first time around. LOL.

My children are sleepers. Amanda was eleven in June. Daniel was seven in August. They go to bed each night at a decent time. When I say decent, I mean before 9 pm. The last two nights it was 9 and 9:30. Daniel had two melt-downs this morning in an hour. They NEED their sleep!

I am blessed by sleeping children!

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