Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Introducing us - Part One

Today was our meeting with the team of teachers. Amanda has five teachers and the guidance counselor was present as well.

Each one received a document that we put together. Here it is:

We would like to introduce ourselves and give you a picture of our home life. We want you to get to know us, because we are going to get to know you.

(Then we stated our education and work credentials.)

The day begins with breakfast. Amanda is not permitted to leave without eating first. We make dinner each night. Our family does not eat fast food because:
1. It is costly.
2. It is not healthy.

Amanda's diet is a typical one for an eleven year old. She eats fish, chicken and pork. No beef. She has an occasional vegetable but prefers fruit. She loves carbs. We have experimented with her diet by taking her off of all gluten and wheat products. No change in behavior was exhibited.

Adequate rest is very important to our family. The children are upstairs at 7:30 pm to brush their teeth. They are permitted to play for 30 minutes. Lights out at 8 pm. The exception to this is Sunday and Thursday nights. Those are the only two school nights that Amanda has an activity. She is in bed by 8:30 at the latest on those nights. On the weekend, the children are allowed to stay up until 9:30 pm.

Typical Morning
1. Wake at 6:15 am
2. Rise at 6:30 am
3. Dress
4. Breakfast
5. Exit at 7:30 am

Typical Weeknight
1. Homework
2. Dinner
3. Homework
4. Shower
5. Bed

As you can see we are very structured.

The television during the week is almost never on. When it is on, it is moderated closely. The children are permitted to watch The Disney Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery and Food Network. The children are not allowed on the computer during the week.

We do not have Wii, Playstation or Nintendo DS.

We have visited medication on numerous occasions and continue to experiment with drug types and dosage.
1. Third grade - Adderall 10 mg
2. Fourth grade - Adderall 10 mg, 15 mg and 20 mg
3. Fifth grade - Adderall 10 mg and Concerta 18 mg
4. Sixth grade - Concerta 18 mg

Amanda is under the care of our pediatric group. They are consulted on a regular basis. Currently we are in the process of increasing the Concerta dosage.

Amanda has been observed by two psychologists outside of school. She was evaluated in second and fifth grade by the school psychologist. She was also evaluated by the school psychiatrist in fifth grade.

For a brief time last year, we hired a tutor.

Currently Amanda said she does not love nor hate school. She knows she is there to learn and hopes to have fun while doing it.

We have set the bar very low for Amanda. We ask that she try her hardest and do her best. When Amanda brings home a 72%, it is equivalent to an A in our home. We celebrate all grades. We encourage her no matter what the paper says. We could not love her any more or any less if she was a straight A student.

Amanda's self-esteem is low. Her two best friends received the Presidential Award last year for straight A's . She recntly was completing math homework, and we visibly saw the information click. She was beaming. It almost brought tears to our eyes to see what a little encouragement could do for her self-esteem.

We are afraid that with the No Child Left Behind, that Amanda will fall between the cracks and just be pushed on to be the next teacher's burden.

We do not feel that the 504 plan is improving her academic performance. She has not passed math since the fourth grade. What are you prepared to do now?

Oh, the Son is shining on this rainy Tuesday. And I am physically and emotionally exhausted from either the build-up of the meeting or the recent illnesses that have been circling. So...I am going to take a nap on my day off. I'll have the teacher's response later.

If you haven't guessed from "the Son is shining" comment, it went well!

"Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." Ephesians 4:29


  1. You were EXTREMELY well prepared! Way to go, Mom! Aren't those meetings ever so much fun?! Can't wait to hear the outcome--hope it speaks of better things for Amanda!

  2. We hope that is the word they used to describe us...as well as loving and caring.

  3. You are everything that I am not!!