Friday, August 21, 2009


Amanda loved her the entire time we were at Aunt Evia's. We travelled over 600 miles with her. She was a Krier for three nights. I bonded with her. Me, yes, me, the animal not-lover. I can't say hater because I don't hate animals. I just don't like smelly creatures in my house.

Each morning, Patches and I would sit in the kitchen at 5 am and play. She would fall back to sleep and when she woke again, the children were awake to take care of her. We were struggling to figure out what to do with this baby but loving her the entire time.

However, a certain cat named Reilly was not happy. She would get close to Patches and hiss, which is nothing new. She does that to people that she is not comfortable with as well. But on Wednesday morning, we found poop in front of the litter box. We were not sure if the dog had done it as we carried her to the bathroom for her bath. Oh well, not a big deal. I just flushed it.

But then a little while later, we saw some more at the bottom of the steps. Reilly was making her feelings known loud and clear. I told the children that they would have to choose between the cat and dog. We were all crying when I called my mother. She told me to bring Patches over. Amanda really wanted to get rid of her cat, which was heartbreaking. But she knew no one would take a mean six year old cat. She was sobbing in the shower.

I cried the twenty minutes that it took me to drive. But she is better off. Living in a cage while I am at work is not good for a little one like her.

We played and said good-bye and told her we would be back on Friday. This gives us a pressing incentive to visit more often. When we got home Daniel said it was just empty without her. Yesterday, I heard a dog barking outside and just got so emotional. I was in tears as I folded the laundry. Me! Over a silly puppy!

But how can you not love that little face?


  1. So sad; especially since YOU loved her. She will have an awesome home though and it will be good for Mom and Dad. I'm thinking of visiting on Sunday. She is a sweety!

  2. She is precious...sorry it didn't work out. At least you can all still visit her :)