Sunday, August 2, 2009

I asked for it!

After about an hour and a half of sheer frustration during my errands yesterday, I laughed out loud when I remembered my prayer in the morning. "Help me to slow down". It was one speed bump after another. LOL.

I got on-line and checked the bowling alley's hours. Daniel will be having a party next Saturday to celebrate his SEVENTH birthday. The website said they opened at 9:00am. It was 10:30 so I thought I'd stop by before I went to Target. Well, no one was there but I heard a great song (which for the life of me can't find. I'll get back to you on that) along my travel. From the bowling alley I went to Target to drop off film. Remember that? Film. Anyway, there were important fishing pictures on the roll and my husband wanted it processed in an hour. The CSR said that it wouldn't be picked up until Tuesday and then it takes 7 days to process. Try Walgreens. Strike Two (no pun intented but I have to say it's funny now that I think of it...bowling theme and all, didcha-getit? Strike. NEVERMIND!)

Off to the mall to pick up my flip-flops at the shoe repair place.

I dropped off the broken one last weekend to have it repaired. Yes, we live in a disposable society but these are high quality Target shoes that I have had for over 7 years. You cannot buy these at Target anymore. I've tried. And I love them! So you can only imagine my disappointment when the shoe was not fixed and the little Asian man says "Tag says can not fix".

I proceeded to a bench to call my love and tell him that three strikes I was out and possibly on my way to Starbucks. I walked the mall and went in to three stores, I guess you could say four because I went in to the first one again on my way out just to make sure. There are two reasons why I have shoes that are almost ten years old. One, they were great quality and two I have a size 5 foot. So buying shoes is a difficult task. It has to be the right quality, color, style and size.

(This was really stressing me out. I know, I know! It's just a shoe. It can't love me the way I love it. But I was so bummed!)

I left the mall with my Frappacino which was outstanding with the whip cream and caramel peeking through the hole in the lid (you had to be there). Finally something had gone right! I decided to go to one more store, Famous Footwear, a store I have never been in. Payless is usually my first and last stop.

Before I went in, I prayed. If there were the right ones for me, I would buy them. If there were not. I would just leave with nothing and see the sign!

I went right to clearance because that is just how I shop. There was a shoe for $30 that was my size. But it was brown. I asked the CSR if there were any other colors. She said no, just that one shoe in that size and style. I didn't love it so I put it back. And left disappointed.

Off to Walgreens As I approach the shortcut to make a left, the road is closed for construction. That's when it hit me! Slowdown or I will slow you down, said Jesus. YOU ASKED FOR IT, REMEMBER? I had to laugh in my car, stuck in traffic. I love when you see those moments when you just know it's God.

Walgreens was hour processing, and there was a $5 off coupon this week, whoo hoo! I came home and picked up the family and off we went to see G-Force (silly but entertaining in a way. The children loved it.)

But the summer shoe thing was still on my mind. It is only August 1st, I kept thinking. What am I going to do on Sundays, wear sneakers to church? God doesn't care really but I do. I searched on line for 40 minutes and finally decided on a pair of crocs. Don't laugh. They are so comfortable and I have feet issues (oh another factor in finding shoes that I forgot to mention). I was on the same screen for FORTY MINUTES because the ones I wanted were not BOGO. The BOGO ones didn't have my size or color preference. UGGH! I finally went with the ones that were not on special. On the sunny side of life, I found an on-line coupon (which I've never done before!) and got 10% off and free shipping.

I hope these come in time for our Kentucky vacation on the 11th. So there's my story of how God is currently working in my life.

I went to bed happy because we started the day with devotions and that is one thing I wanted to change. This morning we have Woship service at 9:15 that I am looking forward to.

How's God working in your life?

“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”- James 1:22


  1. Great post!! I too have similiar issues with shoes and feet...we ARE sisters! I need to find plain white leather shoes for nursing (must have a back;so those clog type are out) I found some at walmart for $11 but not in my size. So I got some new sneakers for $10 and went home. Maybe I'll check the other Walmart and Payless today. I can't wear flip-flops and could never stand that prickly type of texture on my feet. And I need wide because I hate shoes and the claustrophic feeling. Oh, the issues small people face!!!

  2. This comment is a great post in itself! Mom gave me a pair of sandals today but of course they were too big. She said maybe Kayla or Amanda would want them. Amanda tried them on and they fit her of course. They might have been too small for Kayla. LOL.

  3. I own the same Target shoes, yet in pink! I've had them for years and YES the are great shoes!!! Sad you couldn't get your fixed :(

    Love to you my friend!!!