Saturday, August 8, 2009

August 9, 2002

Dear Daniel,

Happy Seventh Birthday, my dream come true. Oh how I prayed that God would bless us with another child. I so wanted a little boy. I promised that I would honor Him in all ways and the child would know that I loved him as much as Jacob loved Isaac. Do you remember that story?

I love you the Reddest, "the color of the sky before it blazes at night." I love you the color of a winter hat that warms my body and heart. I love you the color of a ripe cherry as sweet on a summer's day. You are the smell of a rose. The taste of a chili pepper. The sound of a rainy storm.

I am amazed at how quickly the time has passed. You are becoming such a young man. Most recently, you have gone off on your own to become a true fisherman. Many times Daddy has told me the stories of how he will just watch you. It's been four years since you caught your first fish but there are many fishing trips that you will be going on in the future.

Soon you will be starting second grade. Then driving. Then graduating. Then moving out and on. But the good news is, you will be as strong as your name. You are my God-loving, God-fearing child. You are the one to ask "to do devotions" in the morning. You are the one to answer my questions with such thought-provoking responses.

Words cannot really describe the emotions that I have for you. You are a good boy, a thoughtful boy and a funny boy. Your honesty is so innocent and appreciated.

I have loved you from the moment I found out that you were mine. I promise to do my best to help you shine your light on the path of Jesus. Happy Birthday, my beautiful boy.

Love Mommy

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  1. Happy Birthday Daniel. Beautiful letter Sissy.