Saturday, July 11, 2009

Words of Wisdom

"May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer." Psalm 19:14

When the previous blog became too heavy, it was no longer a blessing as I intended it to be. I pray that God will allow each word I speak, each word I type, to be a blessing to all who reads this. This is my goal.

Also, I think I will try to do a W.O.W post once a week...maybe even on Wednesday, ha ha. (Ok, I think I'm funny).

Have you wondered on the previous blog why I went from no blogging to a new post each day? One reason was that the computer wasn't working. Another reason was that I was sincerely trying to take a break. But now it wasn't just that I had a working computer, it was also that I was off for FIVE days.

When I was hired in September, I thought I would work until June and take the summer off to be with the children. But I loved my job so much that the thought of being away for two months was breaking my heart. So I wrote a long letter to my dear friend AND boss, asking her to pray about where God wanted me for the summer. I wanted to be a blessing to children, my job, and most importantly bring glory to God. I asked for 20 hours a week for the month of July and then asked for August off.

I worked three days before the 4th of July holiday. Then I was asked if I would mind giving my hours to some of the college students. NOT AT ALL. Whenever, wherever I am needed.

The next day we received the oil bill, yikes! So I am seeing it as a faith position I am in. I don't know how we will pay that bill but I have faith that God will work this out. (We also got a citation and penalty from our Washington D.C. trip which I won't go in to because I am still asking God to deliver me from that. At this moment, He is not and I am mad as you know what!)

Anyway...I cleaned both bathrooms, vacuumed, made a lasagna, did laundry, made another lasagna (this time Mexican), completed three on-line scrapbooks through Shutterfly ...made a Jimmy Dean
breakfast casserole. And blogged! I was bored to death!!! (I am hoping to work two days next week. The later part of the week we will be on a camping trip).

I did, however, catch up on carepages again. I have been away since February. I know that more than one person thought that the carepages were part of my problem with depression. Maybe yes, maybe no. When you are depressed you don't know what is going to set you off. I do know that I can't add new children to my dashboard right now. Sissy will just have to keep me informed about new children.

One of my favorite families in the entire world are the Larsons. My heart breaks when I read the carepage, but there is always a silver lining in every situation...sometimes you have to look really, really hard.

From Peggy:

"There are days I get really down when I try to look at the big picture and what I thought our lives would be like, but when I remember to look at the ‘little moments’ and focus on the GOOD, it helps. It still baffles me, the littlest things people get hung up on, and give so much energy to. I often think, “what does it really matter?” Really. The big lesson we’ve learned is what’s TRULY important…its the little moments we remember..."

Have a good weekend and try to not let the little things get you down.

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